Aurigan Reach

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The Aurigan Reach is a region of the Rimward Periphery that lies Spinward of the Magistracy of Canopus, Anti-Spinward of the Taurian Concordat, and Rimward of the Capellan Confederation. The Aurigan Coalition was located within the Aurigan Reach.[1][2]




Agriculture has historically been the predominant industry in the Aurigan Reach. In the wake of the Taurian and Capellan withdrawals from the Aurigan Reach, the region—largely isolated—became agriculturally self-sufficient, with the industry quickly becoming the largest sector and employer of the Reach’s economy.[3]

List of Worlds[edit]

The following systems are located within the Aurigan Reach region:

Map Gallery[edit]


  • The Aurigan Reach was created as the setting for the (apocryphal) Harebrained Schemes BattleTech Video Game,[2] in a region of the periphery that had previously been poorly defined and left "blank". Most of the background and storyline of that game including the appellation "Aurigan Reach" for this region of space were later fully canonized through the (fully canonical) House Arano (The Aurigan Coalition) sourcebook.
  • Appian, Bellerophon, Contrilla, Highwater, Huanghuadian, Independence, Mandalas, Mantharaka, Nuncavoy, Polybius, Rockwellawan, Sacromonte and Tiverton are assumed to lie in the Aurigan Reach due to being roughly within the region between Detroit, Herotitus, Portland, and Spencer.
  • The Aurigan Reach is probably named after the nonfictional constellation Auriga, which is in the same region of Earth's night sky as the Aurigan Reach.


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