Avalon City


Avalon City was the Federated Suns capital city, located on the primary New Avalon continent of Albion, north of the planet's equator and a few kilometers east of the Grand Avalon Mountains, on a natural island in the convergence region of the Albion, Cris, and Thames rivers. The environment surrounding the city is an assortment of towns and villages, forests, mountains (with Mount Davion to the immediate east), and prairies.[1]

The city of Barrington lies to the northwest. The city's DropPort lies south, across the Cris River. The New Avalon Institute of Science lies beyond that.[2][3]

New Avalon world map, with New Avalon located just off-center on the continent of Albion.


Avalon City was first developed as a theme park with a medieval motif, which inspired the use of that imagery by the Davion family as a means to inspire confidence in the realm.


Following at least two major battles, occupation by the Word of Blake, and the final devastation of a vengeful retreat during the Jihad, the municipality was devastated.[1] In the second assault by the Blakist Thirty-first Division, Avalon City was the intended prize. After almost a year of pushing against the defenses with the brutal assistance of the Thirty-sixth Division, both units retreated, to try again in the Third Battle for New Avalon, alongside the recently-arrived Forty-fourth Shadow Division and mercenary Bronson's Horde. This final time, the brutality was further ratcheted up; opposition was just as defiant, with high casualties levied against the Blakists by the defending Davion Heavy and Third Guards. When ordered offworld in September 3074, the Blakists lobbed firebombs in their retreating wake.[4]


  • On page 60 of Jihad: Final Reckoning, the city is identified as "New Avalon City". This is probably an editorial mistake, but it cannot be completely discounted until officially confirmed, as it is mentioned in the context of an official dedication that occurred following the rebuilding post-Jihad.


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