Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Union


The Avarice was a DropShip belonging to Kallon Industries that was being used to ship a large number of Partisans from Nanking to a client in the former Free Worlds League. The ship was fully loaded only after a battle between Grandin's Crusaders, who were working for Kallon, and Aung's Chindits, a local mercenary unit.

At some moment after leaving the planet, the ship was taken by pirates and the cargo never reached the client.[1]

On their own initiative, the Crusaders were able to track the hijacked DropShip to a supply depot in Nanking and mounted an assault to reclaim it. The Avarice was supported by a motley band of Coalition renegades and anti-Liao partisans. Though caught by surprise used the DropShip as a natural strong-point and savaging the Crusader's assault team. The Crusaders kept enough force to smash through the defenders with the Crusader's armored infantry storming the DropShip and forcing its surrender. Further investigation discovered that the "pirates" raid had been a carefully choreographed exchange orchestrated by one Kallon Industries division without the knowledge of the other half of the company, and with Davion involvement in the plot to sow disorder on Nanking and weaken Kallon Industries. The Crusaders sold the DropShip and the intelligence, which gave the unit big dividents and allowed the unit to relocate back to Vaucluse. Both the Filtvelt Coalition and the exile government enthusiastically greeted the Crusaders.[2]

It is not known to whom the DropShip was sold.[citation needed]


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