Avenger Crowd Control Weapon

Avenger Crowd Control Weapon


The "Avenger" Crowd Control Weapon is an Automatic Shotgun produced by the Clans. The "Avenger" made its first appearance in the Inner Sphere when Clan Steel Viper was called in to garrison worlds conquered by Clan Ghost Bear, where it proved itself to be far more efficient than any IS auto-shotgun design despite its seemingly "urban pacification" nature. With semi-auto and three-round burst firing modes the "Avenger" can fire both standard shells and solid slugs.[1]



Item: Avenger CCW[2]
Equipment Rating: C/X-E-C/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage:
Standard Ammo: 2B/6BS
Solid Ammo: 5B/6B
Range: 7/18/28/62 meters
Shots: 15
Cost/Reload: 345/-
Standard Ammo: -/4
Solid Ammo: -/16
Affiliation: Clan
Mass/Reload: 5.5kg/400g
Notes: Burst 3; Recoil 0; Jam on Fumble


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