BA Tube Artillery

BA Tube Artillery
Production information
Type Artillery
Tech Base Inner Sphere Advanced[1]
Year Availability 3075 (Prototype)[1]
Technical specifications
Heat N/A
Damage 3/1 (R1)
Minimum Range -
Short Range -
Medium Range -
Long Range 2 Maps
Tons .5
Critical Slots See Game Notes
Ammo Per Ton See Game Notes
Cost (unloaded) 200,000[1]
Ammo Cost (per ton) 900[1]


The Battle Armor Tube Artillery (abbreviated as BA Tube Artillery) is an infantry scale artillery piece designed for use with battle armor. The weapon was introduced during the Jihad, but it's unclear by whom.[1]


Game Rules[edit]

Game Play[edit]

BA Artillery uses following standard rules that normal conventional artillery weapons use; Indirect, Direct Artillery, and Counter-Battery Fire. They can use alternate ammunition that the standard conventional type may use. It should be noted that the BA Tube Artillery is fired by a Squad and damage is multiplied based on the remaining active battle armor trooper.[1]

Construction Rules[edit]

The weapon ammunition weights 15 kg for 2 rounds and the entire weapon takes up 4 spaces in a Battle Armor. The weapon is an area effect weapon with switchable ammunition. Ammunition for the BA Tube Artillery must be purchased in 1-ton lots. While being constructed using battle armor construction rules, BA Artillery ammunition is treated same as Missile Based ammunition. Like the Missile based weapons for a Battle Armor, each clip of 2-rounds is treated as a single shot. Placement for the weapon is always located in the body of the armor. In 3075, the weapon system itself uses Experimental rules, while use of Artillery is listed as being Advanced Rules.[1]


The name BA Tube Artillery is the official name used for this weapon. There is limited information regarding the BA Battle Armor's background and development aside from brief descriptions found in the Tactical Operations Conventional Artillery section/construction rules. The only known image of the weapon is seen on the Centaur Battle Armor picture shown in the infobox.


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