Bad News

Bad News
Bad News 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates422.117 : 195.368[e]
Recharge station(s)Zenith (Bad News Station)[1]

The Bad News system was home to at least one habitable world and a large orbital habitat. As of 3151 it was located in the Raven Alliance.[2]

System Description[edit]

The Bad News system lies near the Brasha and Nexus Ri systems.[3][4]

System History[edit]

The Bad News system had been colonized by the end of the Age of War.[5]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Bad News[edit]

Bad News

Planetary History[edit]

Originally a world within the Outworlds Alliance, Bad News was occupied by forces from the Star League in November 2572 under the terms of Directive 21.[9] Originally, these forces consisted of a battalion of infantry and a battalion of BattleMechs drawn from VI Corps on a rotating basis, with different battalions assigned each year. When General Amos Forlough was put in command of the forces that would be used to conduct Operation UNION HOLD, the Star League invasion of the Outworlds Alliance, he increased the garrison on Bad News by adding another infantry battalion and reducing the rotation time for garrison forces to once every two years[56]

By early to mid 2581, preparations for an invasion of the Alliance had reached the point where Star League Defense Force troops were actively being marshalled on the border, and two full divisions of Star League troops from V Corps, the Thirteenth Royal Division and the Fourteenth Division, were deployed onto Bad News. Aided by the local knowledge gained by the garrison forces from VI Corps, the V Corps divisions rapidly disarmed the local militia and the Star League assumed actual control of Bad News.[56]

Bad News remained quiet during the first year of the war, but in 2582 the redeployment of Star League forces led to the auxiliary Draconis Combine forces which were supporting the SLDF task force taking over responsibility for Bad News from the Star League forces. In 2583, the Bad News DCMS garrison force was the Third Dieron Regulars, who were designated as the reserve force for those Combine forces deployed to invade the nearby worlds of Nexus Ri, Kazanka and Zlatousi.[11]

Although individual battalions of the Third Dieron Regulars were moved forward as garrisons to Nexus Ri, Kazanka and Zlatousi in 2583[11] a battalion of BattleMechs supported by two regiments each of infantry and armor remained as the garrison on Bad News, and had been terrorizing the population since becoming the de facto garrison. Following the battles on Haynesville, the Outworlds Alliance Militia had been able to add two new BattleMech regiments to its strength using salvaged matériel, and this allowed the Pitcairn Legion to raid into territory occupied by Star League and Draconis Combine forces. Bad News was selected as a target for one of these raids, and the Second Regiment of the Pitcairn Legion under the command of Colonel Samantha Milton-Jones made planetfall on Bad News on the 13th of March 2583.[57]

Milton-Jones immediately focused her attention on the Third Dieron forces, despite a counterattack on the 14th of March by a scratch force of Kurita 'Mechs and armor which had been undergoing work in a makeshift depot the Combine forces had established on Bad News. The Pitcairn Legion forces not only saw off this counterattack and every subsequent attack, but also spent the next three weeks all but destroying the Third Dieron Regulars' 'Mech battalion and inflicting heavy damage on the supporting armor regiments. The Legion troops only retreated off-world when a Combine WarShip appeared in-system.[57]

On the 1st of August 2585 Bad News was ceded to the Draconis Combine along with thirteen other worlds as part of the terms laid out within the Treaty of Cerberus.[12]

Dark Age[edit]

Following the disastrous defeat of the AFFS at the Battle of Palmyra in June 3144, Bad News was one of three Draconis Combine worlds which was peacefully transferred to the Raven Alliance's control a month later.[55]

Military Deployment[edit]


Star League Defense Force garrison[56] VI Corps detachment consisting of:


Star League Defense Force garrison[56] VI Corps detachment consisting of:


Star League Defense Force garrison[56] VI Corps detachment consisting of:

Star League Outworlds Alliance Task Force[58] VI Corps detachment consisting of:


Third Dieron Regulars (detachment)[57][59]




  • Eighteenth Galedon Regulars[61]



  • Nineteenth Galedon Regulars[63]


  • Nineteenth Galedon Regulars[63]


  • Nineteenth Galedon Regulars[64]


  • Nineteenth Galedon Regulars[65]


  • Nineteenth Galedon Regulars[66]


- At this point in time the 5th was operating at 80% of full strength, with 90% of their equipment featuring upgraded technology.


- At this point in time the unit was operating at 35% of strength.


Bad News Station[edit]

Bad News Station is a space station situated at the Zenith jump point of the system.[1]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 28 systems (27 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Nexus Ri 13.4 Brasha 14.5 Dante 21.0 Zlatousi 24.8
Morthac 29.4 Santiago 30.4 Quantraine 34.9 Milligan's World 35.9
Zalaf 37.8 Dindatari 39.3 Sinope 39.6 Tabayama 40.4
Kazanka 41.1 Ramgarh 42.2 Belacruz 47.0 Pondicherry 48.2
Osset 48.8 Calish 50.4 Quiberas 50.4 Suianheer 51.2
Alegro 51.3 Dunklewälderdunklerflüssenschattenwelt 51.9 Budingen 51.9 Rushaven 53.8
Cerberus 53.9 Chirala 58.3 Valentina 59.0 Koulen 60.8


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