Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Aegis


The SLS Bamborough wais an Aegis-class WarShip in service with the Star League Defense Force prior to and during the coup launched by Stefan Amaris to gain control of the Terran Hegemony and the resulting Hegemony Campaign.[1]

The vessel earned praise from General Aleksandr Kerensky for the crew's actions during the battle in 2768 to seize the civilian shipyards at Erin. The shipyards were urgently needed to support the SLDF WarShip fleet following the brutal Periphery Uprising and the ongoing campaign to conquer the Rim Worlds Republic; one of two active shipyards known to exist in the Republic, the Erin shipyards were an important and high-priority target, and a flotilla of SLDF ships was assigned to capturing and securing the shipyards. Unfortunately for the SLDF the shipyards received advance warning of the SLDF attack and had been extensively prepared for demolition to deny them to Kerensky's forces. Three fifths of the shipyards were destroyed in the resulting battle; that some of the facilities were saved from destruction was thanks to the actions of Explosive Ordnance Disposal teams from the SLDF and the actions of the crew of the Bamborough who prevented the loss of the main yard station after the station-keeping drives were sabotaged by using their own engines to push the station into a higher orbit despite suffering significant damage in the process.[1]


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