Band of Five

Band of Five logo.png
Band of Five
Formed ca. 3132
Disbanded 3137 (destroyed)
Affiliation Bannson's Raiders
Parent Command

The Band of Five were a battalion-sized force operating as part of Bannson's Raiders from the early 3130s to 3137.


A collection of thugs and scumbags employed by Jacob Bannson, the Band of Five contained some of the Republic of the Sphere's most morally depraved individuals.[1]

In November 3132, a Band of Five raiding party led by Bill Maignlov attacked a Belyakov-Ourobouros scrapyard on Acamar. They were repelled by the Swordsworn's Prince's Men.[2]

Following the raising of the Wall in 3135 and Jacob Bannson's own disappearance, the Band of Five were isolated from the larger universe. Among the last anti-Republic holdouts within Fortress Republic to be put down, the Band of Five's members were pursued by the RAF across seven systems before finally being wiped out by Stone's Lament on Altair in February 3137.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Band of Five
Colonel Mikhail Korten 3132[1]

Other Officers[edit]

The unit's XO is Lieutenant Colonel Tricia Maldonado.[1]


With little formal training the Band of Five's members instead fought like street thugs, utilizing any tactic, no matter how dishonorable, if it aided their mission. Their name, in fact, derived from their use of five-member units in order to gain an advantage over opponents organized along the near-universal four-unit structure.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Band of Five - (Regular)[1]

  • Equipment Level: D
  • Size: Battalion


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