Bannson's Raiders

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Banson's Raiders.jpg
Bannson's Raiders
Faction Profile
Time period: 3130s
Classification: Microfaction
Capital world: Tybalt[1]
Ruler title: unknown
Military: unknown
Secret Service: unknown

Bannson's Raiders were one of the "splinter factions" that arose within the Republic of the Sphere following the Blackout of August 3132. Raised in order to further the ambitions of corporate magnate Jacob Bannson, the Raiders attacked numerous Republic worlds in pursuit of Bannson's goals. By the late 3130s the Raiders were effectively defunct with its units either destroyed or disbanded.


Bannson's Raiders were the military arm of Bannson Universal Unlimited. Mostly composed of mercenaries hired by Jacob Bannson prior to the Black Out of 3132. They were known to operate with combined-arms forces including BattleMechs, vehicles, and infantry.[2]

The Raiders were led by the mercenary "One-Eyed" Jack Farrell.

He and the Raiders appeared on Northwind in December of 3133.[3] They had been hired by Paladin Ezekiel Crow to supplement the Northwind Highlanders during the invasion by the Steel Wolves. However, Bannson, through Farrell, blackmailed the Paladin and used the Raiders to keep the Northwind Highlanders from entering the city of Tara. The Highlander's commander Countess Tara Campbell and her troops fought the raiders to enter the city, an encounter that Farrell "lost" to Tara Bishop.[citation needed]

Bannson Raiders landed on Terra and helped successfully fight off the Steel Wolves in April 3134.[4]

In February, 3135, Farrell (working independently) met with Erik Sandoval-Groell on Woodstock.[5]

Wyld's Jokers, a subcommand of Bannson's Raiders, engaged a Spirit Cat unit on Addicks in 3135.[6]

Units of Bannson's Raiders[edit]

Color Scheme[edit]

Bannson's Raiders use a beige base with turquoise blue accents. Burgundy is added as either a kill marker or to show the warrior's seniority in rank.[7]


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