Bannson Universal Unlimited

Bannson Universal Unlimited
Corporation Profile
Founding Year 3118[1]
Dissolution year: 3149[2]
Headquarters: Prefecture IV[1]
Leadership: CEO
Division(s) DiNapoli Industries

Jake's Discount Equipment Warehouse

Bannson's Raiders

Bannson Universal Unlimited was an Inner Sphere-spanning corporation owned by Republic of the Sphere business tycoon Jacob Bannson.


Founded in 3118 on St. Andre, in just fourteen years Bannson Universal Unlimited had grown to become the dominant business power within the Republic's Prefecture IV and possessed interests in all of the Republic's other Prefectures and every Successor State. A diverse manufacturer, BUU operations across the Inner Sphere ranged from financial services to DropShip sales. It was prevented from becoming the number one corporate power in the Republic only thanks to the interference of House GioAvanti and the Republic Senate, although Bannson managed to stave off numerous enemies both official and criminal.[1][3]

This accumulation of corporate might enabled Jacob Bannson to become one of the so-called "Jackals" that preyed upon the Republic following Gray Monday.[4] BUU bankrolled the activities of Bannson's Raiders and their employer's schemes during the mid-3130s. While Jacob Bannson himself disappeared from the galactic stage by late 3136, his assets were mysteriously still active and aiding local Republic forces trapped outside of the Wall.[5] Bannson Universal Unlimited finally collapsed in 3149.[2]


In 3125, Bannson Universal Unlimited bought the Golden Sun Entertainment Consortium, hosts of the esteemed Golden Sun Awards. Under Bannson, the annual awards shifted from being hosted almost exclusively on Terra to ever-changing host planets across the Republic.[6]

Bannson Universal Unlimited acquired an industrial wholesaler soon renamed Jake's Discount Equipment Warehouse in 3128, and refocused the wholesaler towards military equipment.[7] The company later took over DiNapoli Industries in June 3132, gaining access to additional armaments and DropShip facilities.[1][8] At some point it acquired WaveShield Technologies, which gave them access to Purifier Adaptive Battle Armor technology.[9]


"Where People Come First."
  — Slogan used in 3132[10]


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