Banshee (Aerospace Fighter class)

This article is about the Aerospace Fighter. For the BattleMech, see Banshee (BattleMech).
Production information
Manufacturer Wangker Aerospace
Production Year 3046[1]
Model BSE-X2
Class Medium
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost  ??
Technical specifications
Mass 50 tons
Structural Integrity 5
Frame Wangker III[2]
Power Plant 150 fusion, 250 turbine
Fuel 400 - 5 tons
Communications System Ranker 200[2]
Tracking & Targeting System Ranker TA 950
Heat Sinks 10


A development by Wangker Aerospace in an attempt to increase the flight time of Aerospace Fighters, the BSE-X2 Banshee utilized a dual-motive system, using a standard fusion engine for space operations with a second fusion-based turbine for in-atmosphere combat. While the prototype showed incredible longevity and surprisingly good handling, the sheer mass of the two engines made the fighter sluggish, capable of a mere four Gs of thrust. This, coupled with armor protection on par with craft half as heavy, would leave the Banshee a sitting duck for most other fighters. In an attempt to kill the project without damaging their careers, procurement officers in the AFFC shuffled the already-built prototypes to the edges of the Periphery for "extended testing", dooming the fighters to obscurity. This plan backfired with onset of the Clan Invasion, and the prototypes were forced into action, where their flaws made them hopelessly outclassed against the Clan fighters they faced.[1]

The Banshee cockpit was unique in that it contained a computer-controlled pilot seat. As the Banshee underwent various combat maneuvers, the computer would alter the seat's position to provide the pilot with relief from G forces. How well this system actually worked is unknown.[2]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Banshee was characterized by remarkably poor armament compared with even the Cheetah, mounting a mere two Medium Lasers as its only offensive weapons.[1]

Notable Pilots[edit]

Design Quirks[edit]

The BSE-X2 Banshee is subject to the following Design Quirks:[1]


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