Barony of Strang

Barony of Strang
State Profile
Founding Year 2271
Dissolution year: 3049
Capital world: Von Strang's World
Controlled system(s): 1
Head of State Baron
Army Guard Division

The Barony of Strang sometimes referred to as the Barony of Lost Hope was a single planet Periphery nation ruled by the self-proclaimed Barons of House von Strang. located on Von Strang's World - Positioned outside the Lyran Commonwealth the planet was overrun by Clan Jade Falcon in 3049.

Nation Description and History[edit]


The Barony was ruled by descendants of a Rim World's Republic officer, Colonel Gunthar von Strang. He commanded the 18th Amaris Chasseurs, which were one of the last Republic BattleMech forces that General Aleksandr Kerensky defeated in the Star League Civil War.

After the remnants of the Rim Worlds Republic were shattered by the Lyran Commonwealth in 2775, the strongman known as Nico von Strang traveled to a remote Periphery planet and conquered it. He then named the planet Von Strang's World and installed himself as Baron and ruler. Many Amaris loyalists came to Baron Nico's planet after fleeing the fighting in the Republic-Commonwealth War.[1]

The Von Strang family continued to rule the planet after the fall of the Republic and were diehard loyalists of the deceased Republic ruler Stefan Amaris. In his honor the Baron named the planet's only city Amaris City. The civilian population of the planet was ruled through Wardens appointed by and loyal directly to the Baron. Through these Wardens the population was kept in check and provided the manpower and any other services that Von Strang family required. One of the resources that funded the Von Strang family's power over the years was locally mined diamonds.

With the fall of the Star League, the planet's rulers became paranoid regarding invasion by the Inner Sphere powers. They fortified the planet, turning it into a fortress against potential invasion from the Inner Sphere.

By 3025, Baron Otto von Strang planned to recapture the lost worlds of the Rim Worlds Republic for his own and, to support these ambitions, built up the military forces using the wealth earned from the world's diamond mines. Though they only fielded a Battalion of BattleMechs and various non-'Mech support troops, the Von Strang forces carried out raids of the Periphery border worlds of the Lyran Commonwealth. The Lyran officials ignored these raids as not worthy of retaliation.[2]

Invasion of the Falcons and fall of the Barony[edit]

In 3049, Clan Jade Falcon arrived on Von Strang's World, issuing a batchall to the planet's ruler. The sitting Baron of Strang, Stepan von Strang, responded to the Falcons' call stating that the Clans were scum of the Star League. He rebuked the rules of engagement, zellbrigen, and would attack with any and all of the forces at his disposal. The Falcons' Khan Elias Crichell led his Turkina Keshik in the invasion of the Barony's only world. In the fight the Baron's AeroSpace forces engaged the Falcons' DropShips in hopes of crippling their ground forces, but the Barony's fighters were no match for the elite pilots of the Falcons' invasion force.

On the ground the Amaris City's heavily fortified barriers and weapons turrets dealt heavy damage against the invading Falcon forces but in time the Elemental troopers breached the fortications, removing them from the battle. Though the foul weather made it difficult for the invaders to spot the Baron's Guard Division Khan Crichell led his forces into the city itself where they faced off against the Baron in his BattleMaster leading his Battalion of 'Mechs and tank forces. During the battle the defenders attempted to flank the Falcon forces on their drive to Von Strang's Palace but the Elemental Battle armor, technological advantages and overall skills of the invaders overcame the soldiers of the Barony. The final blow came when the Falcon Khan killed Stepan in his BattleMaster and the Falcon Keshik smashed the remaining Guard units. To prevent future rebellion the victorious Falcons systematically hunted down all who attempted to slip into the wilderness.

The Falcons renamed the capital Unity City, and had the body of Stepan von Strang hoisted on a flag pole to dangle beneath the banners of Clan Jade Falcon and Star League.[3]

Culture and Capital City[edit]

By the Succession Wars, the planet only had one heavily fortified city, known as Amaris City. It was surrounded by series of fortification that were near Star League in complexity and toughness. These fortifications included weapon turrets, underground bunkers and a series of dead-end valleys which would be used to trap and ambush the enemy.

The civilian population were ruled by feudal lords known as Wardens. These individuals governed defined areas assigned by the ruling Baron.

Armed Forces[edit]

The Barony armed forces, as of 3049, were known as the Guard Division. The Guard consisted of a single BattleMech battalion and assigned tanks and aerospace assets, though the numbers of these supporting forces were not recorded before their destruction by the Jade Falcons.[4] Additionally the Guard had assigned to their support two DropShips, and a single JumpShip.[5]


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