Barton Bixby

Barton Bixby
Character Profile
Affiliation ComStar
Profession Precentor

Barton Bixby was a ComStar Precentor working as part of the Explorer Corps.[1]


Gamma 1551 AW[edit]

25 May 3041, a ComStar Explorer Corps team under Precentor Barton Bixby is investigating the grave site in the Gamma 1551 AW star system, finding a grassy spot with a stone arch built over two tombstones, ringed by sixteen stone seats and hulks of long-destroyed BattleMechs. There are clear signs of an ancient battle, and remains of at least two unknown BattleMech designs. The tombstones have been decorated with (now dried) eight-month-old flowers, indicating that someone is still looking after the ritual site. Nineteen animal images, masterfully etched but crossed out, are found on the stone arch, but none of them matches the "animal head with claw marks in the background" (Clan Wolverine) from one of the destroyed 'Mechs. It is determined to be a 63% match to a tattoo found on the arm of a dead Minnesota Tribe member recovered from Richmond.

Bixby decides against any intrusive investigations and gives the archaeologists five days to explore the site, map it and take photos to report the find before continuing their mission to search for Aleksandr Kerensky's Exodus fleet. He also decides against leaving a message.


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