Basalt 3151.svg
System Information
X:Y Coordinates66.163 : -29[e]
Spectral classG4IV[1]

The Basalt system was the location of at least one habitable world, Basalt IV, and as of 3145 was located in the Tikonov Commonality of the Capellan Confederation.[2][3]

System Description[edit]

Basalt is located close to the Nopah and Tigress systems[2][3] and consists of ten planets orbiting a class G4IV primary.[1]

System History[edit]

The Basalt system was colonized at some point prior to the end of the Reunification War.[4]

Political Affiliation[edit]

Basalt IV[edit]

Also known asBasalt IV
System positionFourth[1]
Jump Point distance8 days[1]
Moons3 (Granite, Marble, Slate)[1]
Surface gravity1.5[1]
Atmospheric pressureHigh (Breathable)[1]
Equatorial temperature34°C[1]
Surface water60%[1]
Highest native lifeReptiles[1]
Landmasses5 (Amethyst, Garnet, Opal, Topaz, Quartz)[1]
History and Culture
Population346,000,000 (3130)[1]>[51]
Government and Infrastructure
Noble RulerCount of Basalt
Political LeaderPlanetary Governor
Military CommanderLegate Tawanna Thurin (3130)[1]

Basalt IV, more commonly referred to simply as Basalt, was the fourth planet of ten in the Basalt system and had three moons named Granite, Marble, and Slate.

Planetary History[edit]

Early History[edit]

Basalt was one of the first worlds settled by explorers from the Terran Hegemony. With its vast stores of rare metals and minerals, mining companies eagerly sent employees out to the world. Despite the high gravity, incredible air pressure, and wild weather, the world has long been a source of excellent raw materials.[1]

Age of War[edit]

The Federated Suns invaded Basalt in or around 2445, attempting to capture the world from the Terran Hegemony. The defending Terran Forces were under the command of General "Mad Dog" Marceneaux and resisted the Federated Suns forces fiercely; on the 12th of April General Marceneaux was made aware that the Federated Suns had landed additional forces on the planet, augmenting their ranks with the addition of the Sixth Terran March Corps, a shock corps consisting of six heavy divisions of troops, predominantly composed of tanks and artillery, threatening to overwhelm the defending Hegemony Armed Forces defenders. Unknown to the Federated Peacekeeping Forces a special unit of BattleMechs under the overall command of Major Gabriel Calhoun had also recently arrived on the planet. It was Major Calhoun who informed General Marceneaux at his bunker in Garamondia of the arrival of the Sixth Terran March Corps; even as the FPF forces overran the HAF Ninth Armored Cavalry command posts and continued to push forward, Marceneaux ordered Calhoun and his troops into action against the FPF. The shocking presence of BattleMechs on the field was enough to rally the defending HAF forces.[8]

Succession Wars[edit]

After the fall of the first Star League, the Federated Suns grabbed Basalt. During the Succession Wars the Capellan Confederation tried several times to take the world, but was repelled each time. The most notable instance was during the Fourth Succession War, when the two major cities of the world were attacked by the CCAF in an attempt to halt the Davion advance. Elements of the First Kerr's Intruders, McCrimmon's Light Cavalry, and MacGregor's Armored Scouts landed outside Zander's Delight. They faced the Fourth Davion Guards RCT, taking serious losses, and surrendering to the AFFS after they discovered that the warehouses were empty.[52]

The second Capellan attack was headed by a half-battalion from Warrior House Ijori supported by five companies of the First New Hessen Irregulars. They attacked unexpectedly, dropping forces directly on the warehouses in Controssa. The Fourth Crucis Lancers' Second Battalion bore the brunt of the Capellans' anger once they discovered the warehouses were empty. Unfortunately the Capellans' focus on destroying the Second Battalion allowed the rest of the Fourth Crucis to surround the Capellans. All the Capellan attackers were destroyed in the ensuing firefight.[52]


The Word of Blake (WoB) conquered Basalt in September 3069, incorporating it into the Word of Blake Protectorate[45] and hoarding its mineral wealth for themselves. This resulted in a planetwide economic depression that only started to lighten when the world became part of the Republic of the Sphere.[1]

In 3071, a raid by an unknown mercenary unit attempted to destroy a supposedly unguarded Word of Blake reeducation facility outside Rose City, but then retreated through the city when faced with elements of the Protectorate Militia 'Mechs and tanks. Although the mercenaries were able to reach their DropShip and escape, the Basalt Protectorate Militia was able to stop the mercenaries from causing any significant damage to the facility.[53]

Military Deployment[edit]


Basalt has five continents named Amethyst, Garnet, Opal, Topaz, and Quartz. Basalt is a high-gravity world with a dense atmosphere and wild weather patterns, but is rich in mineral resources.[1]

Planetary Locations[edit]

  • Manville: planetary capital city[1]
  • Rose City: a city home to one of the WoB reeducation centers[53]

Local Fauna[edit]

Map Gallery[edit]

Nearby Systems[edit]

Closest 76 systems (76 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Tigress 8.5 Nopah 10.2 Ruchbah 10.8 Alpha Eridani 11.6
Kawich 12.4 Hamal 14.5 Bharat 14.6 Deneb Kaitos 16.1
Hean 16.8 Yangtze 17.6 Ingress 19.5 Fletcher 20.1
Ankaa 21.4 Woodstock 23.3 Angol 23.8 Slocum 24.6
Tybalt 25.3 Azha 25.7 Small World 26.3 Sheratan 26.4
Alrescha 27.5 Acamar 28.3 Addicks 28.8 Rio 29.2
New Florence 30.0 Kansu 30.8 Arboris 32.2 New Hessen 33.3
Errai 35.2 Ozawa 36.8 Towne 37.1 Bex 38.0
New Rhodes 38.5 Algol 38.8 Tikonov 39.0 Epsilon Indi 39.3
Ronel 39.5 Ningpo 39.6 Buchlau 40.0 Helen 40.0
Lockdale 40.8 Genoa 41.0 Northwind 41.3 Mirach 42.7
Mira 43.8 Conwy 43.9 Terra Firma 43.9 Mesartim 44.8
Pokhara 46.0 Quentin 46.0 Almach 47.5 Demeter 47.8
Epsilon Eridani 48.4 Halloran 48.5 Nanking 49.0 Caselton 49.4
New Stevens 49.5 Murchison 49.6 Galatia 49.7 Cynthiana 50.8
Schedar 52.3 Poznan 52.3 Pleione 52.8 Aldebaran 54.4
Bryant 55.3 Gan Singh 56.3 Fomalhaut 56.8 Mallory's World 57.1
Algot 57.2 Zurich 57.3 Saffel 57.6 Nirasaki 57.9
Sonnia 58.8 New Aragon 59.3 Capolla 59.5 Brownsville 59.7


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