Production information
Manufacturer Clan Cloud Cobra Complex H-6
Tech Base Clan
Introduced [[]]
Technical specifications
Mass 7 tons
Chassis Standard
Armor Standard
Engine 45
Speed 64 km/h
Jump Jets None

1x ER Medium Laser
1x LRM-3

BV (2.0) 319[1][2]


The Basilisk ProtoMech was designed and built by Clan Cloud Cobra to support their Elemental and OmniMech forces. Unlike most second generation Protos, the Basilisk has a relatively low top speed. This allows it to keep pace with larger 'Mechs and move faster than standard battle armor units. The smaller engine also allows more weight for armor, which is good because the slow top speed means a Basilisk will spend more time under enemy guns as it closes the range.[3]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

The Basilisk mounts a 'Mech sized ER Medium Laser. This powerful weapon makes a Point of Basilisks a threat that cannot be ignored. Paired with the laser is a three tube LRM launcher used to soften up targets as the Basilisk unit closes. The only problem with this is the severely limited ammunition supply. With only a pair of reloads for the LRM launcher, a Basilisk pilot can find himself at the mercy of enemies with long-range weapons.[3]


  • Basilisk
    This variant of the Basilisk removes the standard weapons mix and replaces them with a Small Laser, two Micro Lasers, a Short Range Missile launcher, and jump jets. This allows the Basilisk 2 to get into close combat much more quickly[3]. BV (2.0) = 237[4]
  • Basilisk
    This version carries a single ER Medium Laser. For improved mobility on the battlefield, it's equipped with five Extended Jump Jets. BV(2.0)=296[5]
  • Basilisk (Quad) 
    The quadrupedal Basilisk was created by The Society. Completely different from the bipedal version, this variant had a higher top speed. A close-combat specialist, it's equipped with a single SRM-4 with ten reloads, and a set of claws, whipping tail, and head spikes. For protection it carries Electric Discharge ProtoMech Armor which can easily disrupt control systems in other battlefield units.[6] Considering the source of the design, it is unlikely that any will be found in the Homeworld Clans toumans once they have rebuilt.[7] BV (2.0) = 258[8]
  • Basilisk B (Quad) 
    This variant uses Electric Discharge ProtoMech Armor and the Melee Weapon, but replaces the SRM with a larger engine and an experimental Protomech Myomer Booster. With these changes, the Basilisk B can walk at 86km/h with a burst speed of 160km/h. This allows the Basilisk B to sprint into the middle of an enemy formation, execute a physical attack, and then break contact.[9]



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