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Type Political Group
Parent Organization Clans
We must become a bastion of honor in these dark days, until the light we guard can burn away the blackened husk of our enemies
  — Star Adder Khan Stanislov N'Buta, 3074[1]

Derived from the Warden philosophy, the Bastion ideology is based upon the writings and actions of Clan Star Adder Khan Stanislov N'Buta. Believing that the Clans' contact with the Inner Sphere was ultimately responsible for the Wars of Reaving and the caste rebellion of The Society, N'Buta sought to protect his Clan and like-minded allies from the Inner Sphere's 'taint'. The dishonorable death inflicted upon him by ilKhan Brett Andrews only strengthened the nascent Bastion movement, as N'Buta's successor Hannibal Banacek oversaw the adoption of his policies by all of the surviving Home Clans.

While the Wardens viewed themselves as the defenders of the Inner Sphere - even from other Clans - and the Crusaders espoused the conquest of the Great Houses, the Bastions were staunch proponents of Clan isolationism. By 3090 the Star Adders enforced a strict quarantine upon the Clan Homeworlds; the only contact with tainted cultures permitted was authorized raids upon the Escorpión Imperio or the Hanseatic League. Despite their isolationism, the Bastions still espoused preparation for a future invasion of the Inner Sphere once they had mustered sufficient strength.

The Bastions soon found a rival philosophy in the Aggressors, who wished to take N'Buta's protectionist ideology to its logical - and bloody - extreme: wiping out the Spheroid taint at its very source. As the Bastions dominated the leadership of the remaining Home Clans around 3090, they were able to prevent the Aggressors from gaining any real power within their Clans.

The status of the Bastion ideology as of 3145, or even if it still exists, is unknown as of this article's writing.

List of Bastion Clans as of 3075[edit]


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