BattleCorps Scenarios


This summary article provides an overview of the game scenarios that have been published through the BattleCorps website. The list is sorted in chronological order. Unless otherwise noted, the scenarios are BattleTech scenarios.

Scenarios are listed here with the exact same name as listed on BattleCorps (possibly including misspellings), irrespective of possibly deviating names within the scenario proper or the name of the downloadable PDF file.

Scenario: All Alone in the Dust[edit]

(16 September 2004) - Ben Rome brings us an exciting Scenario based on Loren L. Coleman's Trial Under Fire. Are you Connor Sinclair here to defeat the Smoke Jaguar? Or are you part of the ad hoc Star defending the communications base?

Tranquil, Spring 3060: After the loss of the DropShip Blackhammer, Lt. Connor Sinclair of the Star League attack force stumbles across a Clan Smoke Jaguar communications facility guarded by only three light 'Mechs. (1x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Isolation's Weight[edit]

(07 October 2004) - Grab your Cold Weather Gear and hop in your 'Mech for this new Scenario by Ben Rome. This public scenario takes you in the pilot's seat during a daring assault by the Ghost Bears! Are you the Bears testing your mettle? Or are you a Highlander warrior defending the Combine? NOTE: Scenarios are only available as print PDF files. Clicking Print will download the PDF to your hard drive. (titled "Call of Blood" in the PDF)

Kiamba, 15 April 3067: Four surviving BattleMechs from a downed Ghost Bear DropShip are beset by elements from MacLeod's Regiment of the Northwind Highlanders and a single assault 'Mech from the 3rd Proserpina Hussars. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Hendry Vs. Metz[edit]

(21 October 2004) - Check out our largest preview piece yet! Click on the PDF button for the Map of the Scrapyard, a complete reworking of the venerable Solaris VII Reaches Map. Click on the Print PDF Button for the New Scenario, including new rules, and record sheets for both Hendry & Metz!

Solaris VII, 24 September 3067: A duel between Galahad Stables' Steven Hendry and Tandrek Stables' Kelley Metz that is not sanctioned by the Class VI Arena Circuit and has been announced as a charity event, taking place in The Scrapyard. (Special game map, Level 3 rules)

This scenario, named Heavy Metal Mayhem within the file proper, was part of a "Hendry Vs. Metz" package that included a downloadable arena map (instead of a printer-friendly version of the same file which would usually be downloadable via the 'Print PDF' button) and an in-universe commercial leaflet (Hendry Vs. Metz) that also included the game stats of the duelists.

Scenario: Fall of the Hammer[edit]

(11 March 2005) - "Roger that, Rat One. You are to hold the bridgehead until we can relieve you. The Elsies are pressing us hard at the Rockaway Pass, we have reports of an assault company coming up out of the water and decimating our armor company there. It's pure chaos on the docks." "Understood. Hold bridgehead until reinforcements arrive. ETA?" "Looking like over thirty minutes from now, minimum." "Say again, Command. Did you say thirty minutes?"

Alrakis, 17 April 3039: During the War of 3039, elements of the attacking 23rd Arcturan Guards fight 11th Legion of Vega troops over four strategically important bridges. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech; players may decide to increase both sides with an optional troop contingent)

Scenario: Birth of the King[edit]

(16 May 2005) - When Colonel Charles Kincaid steps onto the Yakima Proving Grounds in the MSK-5S Mackie, he changed history. Now you can feel his power in this Scenario complete with stats & sheets for the MSK-5S, and Merkava Heavy Tank!

Terra, 5 February 2439: Colonel Kincaid goes on his famous historic test run of the first BattleMech prototype against a lineup of drone tanks. (1x2 mapsheets, special rules)

Scenario: Castor's Last Stand[edit]

(28 May 2005) - The FWL is moving in on territory lost in the 4th Succession War, and this time they're Sirius... Third Sirian to be exact. Choose the Third Sirian Lancers, or Castor Planetary Militia and their FedCom allies.

Castor, 16 September 3057: Two lances of the Sirian Lancers on hunter-killer duty encounter guerrilla forces composed of 'Mechs and tanks. (2x1 mapsheet, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Bushido and the Bear[edit]

(16 June 2006) - In 3062, the Coordinator needed to hold back the Ghost Bear Dominion assaults on Combine worlds by any means necessary. As part of this, he sent a training cadre against the Ghost Bear–held world of Thule. Can a group of wet-behind-the-ears pilots force back the veteran Garrison Cluster?

Thule system, 29 November 3062: The Fourteenth Sun Zhang Aerospace Wing unexpectedly runs into elements of Clan Ghost Bear's Pi Galaxy Naval Binary in the Thule system, leading to their Kyushu- and Inazuma-class WarShips with accompanying DropShips and aerospace fighters clashing with a Ghost Bear naval force including a Fredasa-class WarShip. (BattleSpace scenario, 2x1 space mapsheets)

Scenario: Conquer the Kremlin![edit]

(15 July 2006) - Tikonov's Grand Kremlin, a Star League-era fortification, stood strong against Paul Davion's assault in 2833. General Greer was resolved to end the stalemate, though—will he succeed, or will the Capellans hold their own?

Tikonov, 14 May 2833: In an attempt to conquer a Castle Brian on Tikonov, a combined arms company of the 2nd Ceti Hussars RCT engages a Capellan firebase defended by turrets, minefields and a combined arms company of the 2nd Ariana Fusiliers. (3x1 mapsheet, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Birch's Charge[edit]

(11 August 2006) - In early 3065, at the height of the FedCom Civil War, the situation on Panpour was static. DeMaestri's Sluggers of the Fighting Urukhai hold much of the world. Now the Lexington Combat Group has come to finish the job and steal their glory. Can Jeffrey Birch lead the charge and win the day on his own?

Panpour, 21 February 3065: A lance from the Fighting Urukhai, later reinforced by elements from the Lexington Combat Group, attempts to overcome a lance of the Islamabad CMM. (2x1 mapsheet, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Hot Time in the Hot Zone[edit]

(28 January 2007) - Seeing red? No it's not rage and it's not blood. But you most certainly do not want to play with this fire.

Manteno, March 3021: A Capellan raiding force composed of a company of Stapleton's Grenadiers with infantry and vehicle support strike at a NAIS research facility that is guarded by Dasarick's Knights, the local Duke's private 'Mech company. The battlefield is an unpredictable lava field. (1x3 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

(This scenario was published a second time on 29 September 2009.)

Scenario: Arcadia: Daybreak Fandango[edit]

(27 April 2007) - The forces of the Free Worlds League have landed on the border world of Arcadia. The planet's militia defenders are overwhelmed; while the bulk of them are meeting the Marik forces, a small contingent is staying behind to protect their base at Summersville.

Arcadia, 10 September 3068: During the Free Worlds League's attack on Arcadia, a lance from the mercenary unit Donovan's Dark Devils engages a lance of 'Mechs from the planetary militia near Summerville. (2x1 mapsheet, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Arcadia: Evening Tango[edit]

(04 May 2007) - Donovan's Dark Devils have come back for a second pass at the Arcadian Militia's base, but they face something even more dangerous than a militia defending their home: a militia enraged.

Arcadia, 11 September 3068: A heavier lance of Donovan's Dark Devils faces off against another militia lance supported by tanks. (3x1 mapsheet, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Brains vs Brawn[edit]

(15 September 2007) - Even in the era of recovered technology, the mind of a scientist is a valuable commodity. No opportunity can be passed up, even when it occurs in the midst of combat.

New Syrtis, 02 October 3069: A company of the 2nd McCarron's Armored Cavalry regiment is sent to capture a scientist; two lances of the New Syrtis CMM defend him. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

(This scenario was published a second time as "Brains vs. Brawn" on 21 September 2007; the teaser text read In the battle for New Syrtis, not all the objectives were points on a compass. Some were very much flesh and blood.)

Scenario: Return of the Wolves: Rebellion - Salvage[edit]

(27 September 2007) - We've spotted a small group of merc scavengers outside Hutchinson Pass. The local miners in the area tell us they're looking for one of our old sunken weapon caches; while I don't know what's buried there, the fact is there are vultures there digging up Dragoon equipment.

Outreach, undated: In the aftermath of the scouring of Outreach, Rebel Group Alpha of Tara's Ghosts under Tara Lucas attacks a salvage team guarded by elements of the Broadsword Legion.

Owing to its nature as a Track scenario, the exact composition of the opposing forces and the game map are variable.

Scenario: Return of the Wolves: Rebellion - Furball[edit]

(12 October 2007) - Donny's been itching to show the Legion a thing or two about air combat ever since he heard the traitor mercs have pulled together some sort of air wing – taken from our own hangars.

Outreach, undated: Rebel Group Gamma of Tara's Ghosts launches an air strike against an array of antenna towers; the Broadsword Legion air wing must defend.

Part two of the Rebellion Track, also playable as a stand-alone scenario with variable forces and game maps. All eligible forces are airborne units.

Scenario: Return of the Wolves: Rebellion - Data Mining[edit]

(12 October 2007) - Found out from our contacts near Wellstone City that the Widowmakers have been poking around the site of one of Blackwell's main network nodes. So they're now interested in our data as well as our machines? No matter. I am a virus to their pretty Blakist programming.

Outreach, undated: In the ruins of the Blackwell Corporate Cityplex, elements of Rebel Group Delta of Tara's Ghosts and/or the reformed Black Widow Company engage a patrol of Wannamaker's Widowmakers while trying to retrieve data from two buildings.

Part three of the Rebellion Track, also playable as a stand-alone scenario with variable forces and game maps.

Scenario: Return of the Wolves: Arrival[edit]

(19 October 2007) - So General Wolf is alive. About time she sent us some help – even if it is in the form of that upstart Church woman, leading a pale imitation of the Black Widows. When this is all over, I'm thinking I need to go Natasha on her and redeem the wrongs done to us.

Outreach, undated: Outside the former site of Fort Wolf on the plains of Romulus (in wooded and/or wetland terrain), a lance of the newly arrived Black Widow Company encounters an enemy mercenary patrol (from Wannamaker's Widowmakers or the Broadsword Legion).

Part four of the Rebellion Track, also playable as a stand-alone scenario with variable forces and game maps.

Scenario: Return of the Wolves: Water Spiders[edit]

(26 October 2007) - Crazy as he is, Whitehorse had the right idea. Coming over from Romulus on a submarine was a stroke of brilliance; I doubt the Blakists and their lackeys have any idea we're here. Now all we have to do is make them pay, and pay in blood.

Outreach, undated: Debarking from their underwater transport on the coastal shelf of Remus, a lance of the Black Widow Company engages scout forces from Wannamaker's Widowmakers and the Broadsword Legion.

Part five of the Rebellion Track, also playable as a stand-alone scenario with variable forces and game maps.

Scenario: Return of the Wolves: Ghosts[edit]

(02 November 2007) - Time for us to take the fight beyond our home – such as it is. First, however, we need to remove the head of the snake from its loathsome body. Scavengers need to understand something – never pick at a body until you're sure it's dead. Otherwise, it'll just wake up and gut you.

Outreach, undated: A combined-arms force from Rebel Group Alpha and Beta of Tara Lucas' Ghosts attacks the administrative complex of the mercenary Wannamaker's Widowmakers, facing off against their command lance and support units.

Part six of the Rebellion Track, also playable as a stand-alone scenario with variable forces and game maps.

Scenario: Kell Hounds Scenario - to Save a Prince[edit]

(20 May 2008) - Returning to the dawn of BattleTech, BattleCorps presents a Kell Hound scenario from the original Kell Hounds Scenario pack. Join us in reliving the early years of both the Kells and BattleTech.

Mallory's World, October 3013: First Company, Second Battalion of the Kell Hounds attempts to hold back Zakahashi's Zombies of the 2nd Sword of Light regiment to allow friendly troops time to recover Prince Ian Davion's body. (1x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

(Previously published in the scenario pack The Kell Hounds)

Scenario: Tanda's Crossing[edit]

(27 May 2008) - Be careful what you wish for, you might just get all the excitement you ever wanted. When the Widow comes to dinner you just may be the main course.

Hesperus II, 26 June 3019: The command lance of the Black Widow Company tries to secure a river crossing against a heavy Lyran lance during the 13th Battle for Hesperus II. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Kell Hounds Scenario - Lowering the Boom[edit]

(27 May 2008) - Once again returning to the Kell Hounds Scenario pack, we take the controls as the Kell Hounds slam into their very first mission. Can you stop the Mariks from getting to the atomics or will the Fourth Succession War start before the 3rd has even finished?

Castor, 7 June 3011 or 15 June 3012: The fledgling Kell Hounds were sent on a raid on Castor along with Snord's Irregulars, with orders to take out a supposed cache of illegal atomic weapons. Salome Ward's command bring elements of the 30th Marik Militia to battle near the depot just before they can use the atomics against the mercenaries. (1x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

(This scenario was previously published under the same title in the sourcebook The Kell Hounds, but for the BattleCorps republication the timestamp was changed from 15 June 3012 to 7 June 3011. This seems to be in error, and 15 June 3012 seems to be the correct date; see Snord's Irregulars article for details.)

Hard Steel[edit]

(13 June 2008) - Tanks may be tanks, and 'Mechs may be 'Mechs, but to Sniper they are all one thing. Targets.

Arcadia, 13 December 3027: A reconnaissance raid pits a lance of Marik Militia 'Mechs against a short tank company of the mercenary Halsten's Brigade consisting of Schreks, Demolishers and Brutus Assault Tanks in a night battle. (1x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Starterbook Wolf and Blake Scenario: Capture the Flag[edit]

(15 July 2008) - Choose your side, climb into the cockpit and battle out to see if Hohiro Kurita wins free of the Venatori, or if the chosen of St. Jamais will capture their quarry.

Dieron, 18 July 3068: In the Apallos Hills far outside Deber City, a Level II of the Word of Blake's elite Venatori corners heir-designate Hohiro Kurita in a canyon. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 3 tech)

A Crescent Hawk's Scenario: Cornered Prey[edit]

(16 July 2008) - An enemy at the back door and all that stands between Youngblood and a Word of Blake force, are the men and women of the Hawk's Striker lance.

Ruchbah, 23 July 3072: Elements of the 5th Division engage a lance of the reformed Crescent Hawks in an attempt to destroy them before reinforcements can arrive. (3x1 mapsheet, Level 2 tech)

Wolf's Dragoons Scenario - Ghosts[edit]

(18 July 2008) - On Outreach, the Word of Blake destroyed Wolf's Dragoons, in fire and thunder. But their hired guns would soon learn, that even the Dragoons' Ghosts had bite.

Outreach, 13 December 3069: A combined arms company of the mercenary unit Butler's Brigands brings a group of Dragoon resistance fighters to battle in the wreckage of Am Numsam on the Romulus continent. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Starter Book Wolf and Blake Scenario: Muckraker[edit]

(23 July 2008) - How many Opacus Venatori does it take to end a resistance... Two... What you wanted a punch line? This isn't a joke, this is the Jihad!

Rochelle, 23 February 3071: Two Opacus Venatori with battle armor support bring a local resistance cell (two 'Mechs, two tanks, infantry and battle armor) to battle. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 3 tech)

Strike at the Heart[edit]

(12 August 2008) - As the fires of the Jihad rages around us, let us remember a simpler war, in a simpler time. Even in the depth of the Fourth Succession War, the little battles still mattered and still counted. The inexperienced power of the Suns, vs. the skilled but constrained Capellans. Which side will you choose?

Tikonov, 9 October 3028: During House Davion's attack on Tikonov in the Fourth Succession War, an Ariana Grenadiers lance is ordered to defend the city of Gizhiga against a much heavier Davion lance piloted by rookies. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Bringing the War Home[edit]

(15 August 2008) - Another camp fire memory, to keep us warm in the nuclear winter of the Jihad. The planet is Liao, the time is the Fourth Succession War. Choose the Elite General and her band of green but eager pilots, or choose the rugged and defiant Capellans fighting for the soil they were born on.

Liao, "date classified": During House Davion's attack on Liao in the Fourth Succession War, Blue Star Irregulars in Davion employ battle House Liao forces in the Dreyman Pass in an attempt to destroy them before reinforcements can come to their aid. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)


(16 September 2008) - Sometimes it doesn't pay to get out of bed. Some days you get a swift kick in the teeth. A reminder that behind every good army, is a government ready to find fault with any good deed.

Cohagen, 12 August 3032: In the Federated Suns' outback, a lone militia MechWarrior is facing six lighter pirate 'Mechs. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Infestation[edit]

(07 April 2009) - Rewarded with a Barony on the Hegemony's part of Mirach, Jade Sandowski and her husband semi-retired there.

Mirach, 15 February 2766: In what amounts to a friendly fire incident under radio silence during a bandit hunt, a company of the 7th Crucis Lancers squares off against Baroness Jade Sandowski's lance of former SLDF Royal BattleMech unit members. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Blood Vengeance[edit]

(14 April 2009) - The Fourth Succession War brought a lot of death, including that of Count Carson Kurita's brother at the hands of a Lyran MechWarrior named Rider Chism on Wheel...

Kaus Media, September 3046: A vendetta between two nobles from enemy realms comes to a head as Baron Rider Chism meets Count Carson Kurita in a company vs. company battle. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Rivers of Blood[edit]

(20 April 2009) - In the midst of the conflict on York, Clan Star Adder made several attempts on the Clan Fire Mandrill Delphyne manufacturing facility.

York, 15 July 3069: Charlie Binary, 4th Assault Cluster from Clan Star Adder fights the Seventeenth Crimson Guards Trinary, Tau Provisional Galaxy from Clan Blood Spirit in an attempt to take the power generators of a Clan Fire Mandrill Delphyne ProtoMech factory offline (the Delphyne being a joint design between Clans Fire Mandrill and Blood Spirit). (3x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Stars Below to Stars Above[edit]

(27 April 2009) - After being trapped on Capolla for nearly a decade, Deliah's Gauntlet had decided to fight back.

Capolla, December 3076: Deliah's Gauntlet comes under attack from a company of Capolla Protectorate Militia with artillery support. (3x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Cracking the Nut[edit]

(27 May 2009) - Even the might of the Word militia, is still humbled by the brutality of urban combat.

Chaffee, 15 March 3069: A headhunter unit of the Word of Blake 18th Division is airdropped on the position of Anderson's Lance of the Chaffee Militia who have been waging a guerrilla war. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Escort Service[edit]

(02 June 2009) - When the Lyran advance pressed deeper into the League, the League called on their very best, the Knights of the Inner Sphere.

Preston, 12 June 3068: During the Lyran offensive on Preston, a lance from the Second Donegal Regulars [sic] (presumably meant to be the Second Donegal Guards) attempts to disrupt a fire support company from the First Knights of the Inner Sphere. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Lead Rainmakers[edit]

(09 June 2009) - BattleMechs may rule the battlefield, but even a 'Mech fears the power of artillery. A well placed battery can turn the tide of battles, or become the tide of battle.

Wyatt, 9 July 2868: Able Company of the 6th Lyran Regulars attempts to destroy an artillery lance and its escorting company from the 12th Marik Militia. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: 'Mechs from Heaven[edit]

(16 June 2009) - Ever notice how much an Overlord looks like an Easter egg? The Adders and Spirits certainly did in 3074.

York, 12 November 3074: After an Overlord-C-class DropShip was shot down over York, ten Crimson Hawk BattleMechs from its cargo are available for salvage from the crash site. Clan Star Adder sends Rattle Trinary of the 10th Armored Cavalry Squadron to claim them, but on-site they encounter another salvage team: the Alpha and Beta Binaries of the 55th Red Vanguard. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Shake N Bake Falcon[edit]

(11 September 2009) - In combat each opponent is tested against the other, but occasionally nature has a say in the outcome.

Crimond, 19 February 3068: The HQ Company of the 3rd Lyran Guards defend the Tybalt Mountains on Crimond against Fourth Binary, 7th Falcon Regulars. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Under Pressure[edit]

(15 September 2009) - Even among the Clans combat is not always practical only in wide-open flat plains. Sometimes one is forced to fight where the objective is.

Marshall, 20 January 3069: Asp Trinary of the 126th Striker fights Tetra Trinary of the 12th Scorpion Cuirassiers over possession of a titanium mine. The fight largely takes place underwater. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

(This scenario was published a second time on 22 September 2009; this time the teaser read: Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink. When millions of gallons of water are pressing in on your cockpit, the last thing you really want to think about, is being thirsty.)

Hot Time in the Hot Zone[edit]

(29 September 2009) - A MechWarrior's worst enemy is heat buildup—and that enemy has allies when the temperature outside rises as fast as inside!

(A republication of the scenario first published on 28 January 2007.)

Jihad Turning Points: Atreus BattleCorps Exclusive[edit]

(25 November 2009) - Already bought the new PDF-only Jihad Turning Points: Atreus? Want another track to play? This one is member-exclusive to BattleCorps—no one else has it, and it's all yours!

Atreus, 25 October 3068: In close orbit over Atreus, the powerful FWL navy opens fire on each other as forces supporting the Word of Blake attack forces loyal to "Thomas Marik".

(Titled "True Colors Revealed" in the PDF, his extra track for Jihad Turning Points: Atreus was dedicated to the memory of Dan "Albatross" Schulz, a BattleTech fan with a particular interest in House Marik who had recently passed away.)

Jihad Turning Points: Tharkad BattleCorps Exclusive![edit]

(20 February 2010) - Already bought Jihad Turning Points: Tharkad? Want one more track to play? Here's your chance—available only to BattleCorps subscribers! (Titled "The Great Escape" in the PDF)

Tharkad, 16 September 3069: Across the planet, half a dozen Word of Blake prison compounds are attacked simultaneously by Lyran resistance fighters in a concerted action to free their imprisoned comrades. (Owing to the nature of a Track, the composition of the opposing forces and the game map is variable.)

Scenario: Your Land Is My Land[edit]

(02 March 2010) - When the Free Worlds League attacks into the Capellan Confederation all resources are brought to bear in its defense. Scenario by Ken Horner.

Goodna, October 2902: During the Third Succession War, a Capellan 'Mech company supported by tanks engages a company from the 10th Marik Militia.

Scenario: Snow Birds[edit]

(09 March 2010) - Military actions are not always about the grand fight against evil—in war, sometimes it's just about making things harder for your enemies. Scenario by Ken Horner.

Cascade, 13 March 3068: A Lyran lance attempts to destroy a power stations during an attack on Cascade during a blizzard. Defending is a lance of the Cascade militia. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Saving Tai-shu Ashora[edit]

(16 March 2010) - When the saKhan of the Ghost Bears challenges the Warlord of a Combine Military District, sparks are sure to fly... Scenario by Ken Horner.

Schuyler, 23 November 3062: During the Ghost Bear-Draconis Combine war, Tai-shu Teyasu Ashora and his lance are trapped by saKhan Aletha Kabrinski's command Trinary. Reaper Company of the 6th Ghost comes to Ashora's rescue. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Savage World[edit]

(23 March 2010) - When the Coyotes attack the Fire Mandrills with previously unknown 'Mechs, not even the Kindraa can resist... Scenario by Ken Horner

Foster, 24 November 3066: Kindraa Payne-Beyl-Grant's Storage Facility 4 comes under attack from an ad hoc Binary from Clan Coyote fielding several of the brand new Rabid Coyote 'Mechs. Defending is the Grant Trinary of the First Striker Payne Cluster.

Scenario: Over the River or Through the Woods[edit]

(30 March 2010) - The Ice Hellions press an attack against the forces of Clan Cloud Cobra. Scenario by Ken Horner.

Babylon, 12 May 3063: In a bid to enlarge their enclave on Babylon, a Trinary of the 150th Hellion Lancers moves to destroy an observation station defended by the Black Binary, 121st Cobra Fang (with fighter support from White Binary). (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Clan Spaniel Saves Strana Mechty[edit]

(01 April 2010) - In every generation, there rises a group of heroes, bent on freeing the oppressed and taking for themselves no share of the glory... this is not one of those times.

A humorous scenario released on April 1st, with lots of in-jokes. Clan Spaniel is called upon to defend Strana Mechty against all five evil monkey tribes (blue, red, purple, green and yellow; thinly veiled references to the Successor States), led by the "old one-eyed white monkey", a stand-in for Anastasius Focht.

Not canonical for the BattleTech universe except perhaps (arguably) as an episode of the Clan Spaniel in-universe media franchise. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Organic Ice[edit]

(06 April 2010) - When the Star League Defense Force returns to their captured headquarters worlds to unseat the Usurper Stefan Amaris, sparks will fly... scenario by Ken Horner.

New Ganymede (Tau Ceti system), 13 October 2775: In their drive on Terra, the forces of General Kerensky invade the moon of New Ganymede orbiting the gas giant Zeus in the Tau Ceti system. Here, a company of Kerensky's ad hoc invasion forces square off against a company of the 12th Republican Guards on the hostile moon. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Lost Souls[edit]

(13 April 2010) - When pirates attack a lonely outpost in the Periphery it's up to the Brotherhood of Randis to defend them... scenario by Ken Horner

Ddraig, 12 June 3073: A company of the Death's Consorts, Paula Trevaline's pirate forces, are sent to destroy the last remaining settlements on the periphery world of Ddraig. A company of the Knights of the Brotherhood of Randis steps in to defend them. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Jumping the Diamond Shark[edit]

(20 April 2010) - When the Smoke Jaguars come for the Diamond Sharks the Sharks have to use every tool at their disposal—even the ground. Scenario by Ken Horner.

Priori, 24 October 2985: A Binary from the 214th Jaguar Dragoons raids holdings on Priori which are defended by a Binary from the 369th Striker. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Hidden Talons[edit]

(27 April 2010) - In the reconquest of Coventry the Jade Falcons involved put forth a desperate plan... scenario by Ken Horner.

Coventry, 20 March 3074: A Jade Falcon force under Star Colonel Quinn Kerensky lures two Level IIs of the 30th Division into an ill-fated attack during the fight for the Coventry Metal Works facilities. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Fire in the Dark[edit]

(04 May 2010) - The Aegis-class Immortal Spirit has been marooned in the Coventry system for some time—but now that the Coalition intends to retake the system, it will have to be dealt with. Scenario by Ken Horner.

Coventry system, 16 March 3074: A combined Lyran Alliance/Clan Jade Falcon naval force consisting of one Lyran Mjolnir, two Jade Falcon Aegis and one Jade Falcon Liberator-class WarShips, plus several other JumpShips, engages a Word of Blake flotilla consisting of one Aegis, one Newgrange and several Pocket WarShips. (BattleSpace scenario, 2x1 space mapsheets)

(This scenario erroneously lists the Liberator-class CJF Gauntlet as one of the attacking ships. This has since been confirmed to be in error, as the Gauntlet was destroyed at Lum in 3070 already.)

Scenario: Family Jewels[edit]

(11 May 2010) - When Hanse Davion came for the Capellan Confederation, some ran; some stood and fought; some grabbed up what they could carry and did both. Scenario by Ken Horner.

Liao, 20 September 3028: A lance from Warrior House LuSann escorts a J-27 transport that is evacuating family heirlooms and other treasure from the Liao Palace against a lance of the Blue Star Irregulars. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: End of Days[edit]

(18 May 2010) - The nice thing about being part of a free association is that you can leave just as easily as you join—can't you? Scenario by Ken Horner.

Barahona, 02 June 2846: When the Outworlds Alliance fails to come to their aid against pirate attacks, Barahona raises a militia from IndustrialMechs, vehicles and infantry to fend off a pirate force calling themselves the Star League Wendigos. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Uninvited Guests[edit]

(01 August 2010) - When the Blood Spirits attack the Burrocks on Albion, red-hot combat is the result. Play this scenario now or at Gen Con!

Albion, 12 March 3059: A Binary from Clan Blood Spirit fight a Binary from the 82nd Burrock Guards for a supply station. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Amateur Hour[edit]

(03 August 2010) - When the Draconis Combine raids the Federated Commonwealth, fury is usually the order of the day. When both sides are cadets, it's even more a morass than usual.

Ingress, 21 January 3049: A light company from the 9th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre attacks a similar formation of the 3rd NAIS Cadet Cadre. (2x2 mapsheet, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Bump in the Night[edit]

(05 August 2010) - Pirate are always a problem along the border, whether you're ready for them or not. See how one company of the Free Worlds League handles the problem.

Maxwell, 22 September 3043: The Blades of Death pirate company strikes against the Palomalo Munitions Compound, defended by only one company from the 3rd Fusiliers of Oriente. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

The "Aftermath" section was incomplete in the PDF download due to (presumably) a formatting error. The last two sentences should read:
The Blades responded by sending their recon lance to harass one half while crushing the other. As the Blades regrouped, there was little that Kharkov could do but attempt to harass the enemy while they removed a dozen crates and returned to their DropShip.

Scenario: Crown of Laurels[edit]

(08 August 2010) - It was the said the resolve of ancient Rome was among the strongest in the ancient world... and the Marian Hegemony, who claim Rome's heritage, would have the Sphere believe the same.

Trasjkis, October 3062: A combined arms unit of the 1st Illyrian Lancers, reinforced with two lances of the Wolfe's Dragoons mercenaries, defend against an attack by a maniple from the Marian Hegemony's II Legio. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: in for a Penny[edit]

(01 September 2010) - The Armed Forces of the Federated Suns have long derided the soldiers of the Capellan Confederation, but every so often they're reminded that pride goeth before the fall...

Rollis, 15 July 3027: Falsely believing the defending Rollis Home Guard units to be weak and inexperienced, a lance from the 5th Syrtis Fusiliers executes a training raid that turns out nowhere near the easy victory it was expected to be.

Track: Bank Shot[edit]

(10 September 2010) - Pirate raids are a common nuisance along the long winding border of the Periphery, sometimes so common that the defenders know the pirates almost as well as they know themselves. Every so often, that familiarity has an unexpected side effect, as this BattleCorps Exclusive Track illustrates.

Campoleone, 02 July 3002: The Corsairs of Comstock IV, a pirate group, raid the Free Worlds League world of Campoleone in an attempt to demonstrate their new leader Boris Carey's resolve after he killed the previous pirate leader, Black Bart McGirk.

Owing to the nature of a "track" scenario, the opposing forces as well as the gaming map are variable.

Scenario: Unleash the Horde[edit]

(02 December 2010) - Now see if your player group can get a pirate force past a blocking unit of the Taurian planetary militia!

Landsmark, 02 February 3013: A company of Taurian Concordat planetary militia (tanks and infantry) engages the Hawke's Horde pirate group - 3 'Mechs and a number of tanks. (3 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Revenge[edit]

(29 December 2010) - When mercenaries attack a Westerhand game stable in their own home, the only response is a duel to the death in the Westerhand Games!

Westerhand, 12 June 3042: The Iron Knights killed the stablemaster of Ikhwan Stables during a failed raid on their warehouse, then challenged them to an honor duel on the Garringer continent to hopefully impress a potential employer. (2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Tactics of Desperation I[edit]

(08 January 2011) - The first wave of a Kuritan attack on Hesperus II

Hesperus II, 25 October 2853 (nadir jump point): Reactivated to break the siege of Hesperus II, the Tharkad-class battlecruiser LCS Invincible jumps in with its DropShip contingent and aerospace fighters. Defending is a Draconis Combine blockade fleet consisting of the Samarkand-class DCS Galedon II, the Vigilant-class DCS Wyrm, the Baron-class DCS Yedo, a DropShip flotilla, fighters and the Olympus-class recharge station they have captured.

Some vessels carry marines that may attempt to board enemy ships under Tactical Operations/Strategic Operations rules; S-7A Buses are also available. (BattleSpace scenario, 2x1 space mapsheets)

Scenario: Tactics of Desperation II[edit]

(08 January 2011) - Fight out the last of the engagement to see who controls the skies over Hesperus!

Hesperus II, 10 November 2853: After the Lyrans have broken through the blockade at the nadir jump point, the Draconis Combine forces rally near the planet to make a stand. The battered LCS Invincible and its diminished escorts, supported by military and civilian transport vessels, engage the DCS Galedon II and the zenith jump point blockade fleet consisting of the Vigilant-class DCS Pacheco and the Bonaventure-class DCS Tamura and DCS Georgia, plus DropShips and fighters. (BattleSpace scenario, 2x1 space mapsheets)

Since this battle followed "Tactics of Desperation I", players have the option to carry over their forces and damage from the previous scenario instead of the "historical" forces that met at Hesperus II; repairing and rearming is allowed.

Scenario: Urban Brawl[edit]

(16 January 2011) - Play the action described in Nick Marsala's "The Hunted" now!

Thorin, 07 October 3068: In Ecol City, a Level II from the invading 6th Division is ambushed by hidden tanks from the New Hessen Irregulars. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Hunting the Hunters[edit]

(16 January 2011) - Play the combat described in Nick Marsala's "The Hunted" now!

Thorin, 07 October 3068: Two Level IIs from the Word of Blake's Sixth Division are ambushed by two hidden 'Mech lances from the New Hessen Irregulars east of Ecol City. (1x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Instead of the predetermined maps, players can opt to use the HexPack to construct a customized map board. The scenario provides rules for laying out the maps in this case.

Scenario: Twins[edit]

(04 February 2011) - When tension erupt into a duel between assault 'Mech pilots, the conflagration soon pulls in even more troops on both sides. By Stephen Frabartolo.

Rochelle, 17 June 3007: A mercenary is provoked into challenging a Marik officer to a BattleMech duel; the arrival of other mercenaries may escalate the fight. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Scapegoats[edit]

(11 February 2011) - When combat turns against a weak commander, he or she might turn that blame against someone or something else to save his or her own skin... as happened on Hot Springs.

Hot Springs, 23 February 3055: A company of the First Robinson Rangers, half of them equipped with new BH-K305 Battle Hawk prototype 'Mechs, is ordered to attack a supply dump defended by elements of Delta Galaxy from Clan Jade Falcon, a battle that will unjustly tarnish the Battle Hawk's reputation in lieu of poor leadership. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Bait and Switch[edit]

(22 February 2011) - Darrell Myers shows us a conflict between the Twelfth Vegan Rangers and the Capellan Confederation during the Fourth Succession War.

St. Andre, 22 December 3028: Lured out of their defensive position by a ruse, a lance of BattleMechs with conventional units and artillery support attacks well-prepared enemy 'Mechs and infantry. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Deep Strike[edit]

(16 March 2011) - When the Third Kavalleri strike at Altenmarkt, the forces of Clan Wold [sic] respond quickly to the incursion—but are they quick enough?

Altenmarkt, 17 March 3063: The Fourth Kavalleri (and not the Third as in the teaser text) raid the Clan Wolf occupation zone and square off against the two Stars of the Altenmarkt Solahma Garrison Binary. (2x3 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Dragon's Fire[edit]

(06 July 2011) - When a prominent mercenary leader is killed, the pirates think they'll have an easy time of it—except that the new CO is worse. Readers who remember Langston's Lancers will recognize this one...

Payvand, 14 March 3011: Drake's Dragons attempt to steal a shipment of gold. Langston's Lancers and Payvand Militia forces oppose them. Both parties field roughly two companies of 'Mech and tank forces. (1x3 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Killing Dragons[edit]

(06 July 2011) - Some of the Dragons from yesterday's scenario escaped—but Colonel Langston and his Lancers aren't about to let them get away.

Payvand, 15 March 3011: Following up on the previous scenario, the Lancers attempt to recover the stolen gold and vanquish the pirates, who still have unrepaired damage. The scenario depicts a situation previously described in the BattleCorps Unit Digest: Langston's Lancers (1x3 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Vendetta[edit]

(25 July 2011) - Darrell Myers provides a scenario to complement his unit digest for the Jalestar Defense Force; play it now, to see how the JDF fares against Taurian raiders.

Panpour, 11 February 3076: Defending against a Taurian 'Mech company attacking the Jalastar Aerospace compound is a combined arms unit of the Jalastar Defense Force with untested, reinforced during play with quirky, untested 'Mechs fresh off the assembly lines. The defending player may elect to use the force provided, or generate a force from the unit digest for the JDF. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Wall of Pikes[edit]

(22 August 2011) - The mercenary Pike's Pikemen prefers duty in the Periphery, but that duty means they often meet the true dregs of society—the pirate, as they did in 3066

Novo Tressida, 6 July 3066: A pirate 'Mech company attempts to kill the Duke of Novo Tressida, and Pike's Pikemen and the Ducal Guard must guard him until he escapes in a VTOL. (1x3 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Scenario: Snipe Hunt[edit]

(23 August 2011) - During the Andurien War, there were many missions soldiers felt weren't worth their while. They called these snipe hunts. (titled "Hunting Snipes" in the PDF)

Conquista, 23 November 3038: A Pegasus scout hovertank company attached to the 6th Marik Militia encounters a 'Mech company of the enemy 5th Defenders of Andurien on a reconnaissance mission. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Pillbox[edit]

(26 November 2011) - In this new scenario from Darrell Myers, a platoon of heavy Gürteltier main battle tanks takes on the Clans. Can they win? Play it out and find out!

Surcin, 7 February 3083: A platoon of Gürteltier tanks confronts Delta Star, Bravo Trinary, 13th Battle Cluster, Beta Galaxy of Clan Wolf. (2x1 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

DTP Vega Exclusive Track[edit]

(20 December 2011) - You're already playing the exciting tracks found in the latest Dark Age Turning Points PDF product—now add this exciting new track to your games! Includes track and record sheets! (titled "Freaks Come Out at Night" in the PDF)

Vega, 18 August 3136: Clan Ghost Bear forces are ambushed by insurgents who may field a modified Dig Lord IndustrialMech. The Ghost Bears may elect to bring in reinforcements in the form of a PM6 Peacemaker PoliceMech and/or a CPK-65 Copper SecurityMech. Includes record sheets for Constable LMG and SRM Battle Armor and CPK-65 Copper SecurityMech. (1x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Scenario: Bat out of Hell[edit]

(07 August 2012) - When two sides square off in the cold depths of space, with fighters and DropShips, will anyone survive? (correctly titled "Bat Out of Hell" in the PDF)

Westover system, 22 January 3095: The pirate band Hades Brotherhood has been raiding Westover every six to seven months. Now the planet has hired mercenaries to defend them: Mitchell's Nighthawks. Their two Leopard CV DropShips SunHawk and StarHawk launch themselves and their full fighter complement against the pirate Overlord-class DropShip Brotherhood Two and against a wanted Word of Blake war criminal piloting an HMR-HD Hammerhead aerospace fighter in particular, (former) Precentor Yousoke Sendai. (BattleSpace scenario, 1x4 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Operation BIRD DOG: Clipping Jaguar Wings[edit]

(31 March 2013; included with the short story Quail Hunting) - During Operation BIRD DOG, the Federated Commonwealth hatches a desperate raid against the Smoke Jaguars, but can they defeat the fabled Gray Baron? Story by Philip A. Lee, with a scenario by Craig A. Reed.

Asgard, 19 May 3059: During a dark night Jake's Heavy Hitters, an ad hoc unit from the Davion Heavy Guards consisting of two BattleMech lances, attack a Smoke Jaguar aerospace base defended by two 'Mech points and an Elemental point. (1x3 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Call Me[edit]

(12 August 2013; included with the short story Filling the Hole) - During the liberation of Terra, a team of construction workers must repair communication lines before the Word of Blake arrives to stop them. Also includes scenario by Ken' Horner.

Terra, 22 August 3078: Four backhoes are desperately trying to fill up holes in the earth to cover valuable communication junction boxes, guarded by a Com Guard Level II. A Word of Blake Level II moves in to undo their repair work. (1 mapsheet, Level 2 tech)

Forced March I[edit]

(8 September 2013; included with part 1 of the Lancer Strike Trilogy) - During the Federated Suns' attempt to gain a foothold on Al Na'ir in 3022, Draconis Combine defenders are tasked with delaying part of the heavy assault force at all costs, but not all of the Combine MechWarriors are convinced their sacrifice will be worth the effort. Part 1 of 3. (Scenario credited to Ken' Horner.)

Al Na'ir, 11 May 3022: The attacking company of the 3rd Crucis Lancers encounter a much lighter harrying force from the 15th Dieron Regulars during their raid on Al Na'ir. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Forced March II[edit]

(15 September 2013; included with part 2 of the Lancer Strike Trilogy) - In Part 2 of the Lancer Strike Trilogy, a reserve company of the Fifteenth Dieron Regulars must defend the regiment's staging point, but the Third Crucis Lancers outmass them. Can the company hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive? (Scenario credited to Ken' Horner.)

Al Na'ir, 11 May 3022: The Davion company, keeping all damage from the previous scenario, runs into another Kurita force at a supply depot. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

Return Game[edit]

(22 September 2013; included with part 3 of the Lancer Strike Trilogy) - The fate of the Davion invasion of Al Na'ir is revealed. Will the company survive the Draconis Combine's counterattack? Find out in the final part of the Lancer Strike Trilogy! (Scenario credited to Ken' Horner.)

Al Na'ir, 11 May 3022: Mixed pursuit forces try to prevent the decimated Crucis Lancers company from withdrawing. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 1 tech)

3:10 to Saint Randall[edit]

(28 October 2013; included with the short story The Third Time) - Chris Hussey brings us a tale from the Word of Blake Protectorate. On Addicks, a resistance cell on must hunt down the local Blakist leader or face imminent destruction. Includes playable scenario by Craig A. Reed. (BattleCorps erroneously switched the authors; the scenario was actually written by Chris Hussey.)

Addicks, 17 June 3075: A mixed company of resistance fighters ambushes a train escorted by a Level II and four helicopters. (2x3 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Seeds of Discontent[edit]

(1 June 2014; included with the short story Opportunity) - On an airless rock, Clan Star Adder challenges the Hell's Horses to learn why the Horses have been wandering the Deep Periphery. Who will survive hard vacuum? Includes playable scenario, Seeds of Discontent! (Scenario credited to Darrell Myers.)

Remote moon, Nouveaux Paris system, 17 December 3067: Two Stars of 'Mechs fight a Trial under zellbrigen rules and very hostile conditions. (2x2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)

Rear Guard[edit]

(14 August 2014; included with the short story On Solid Ground) - During the Clan Invasion, Leon Diaz was the sole Draconis Combine survivor of the Smoke Jaguar attack on Tengu Company on Asgard. Will Leon overcome his bad luck when the Jaguars renew their assault, or will he curse his new lance? Also includes a playable scenario! (Scenario credited to Darrell Myers.)

Asgard, 27 February 3052: A 3rd Benjamin Regulars company tries to stop two Stars of the 19th Striker. (3 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)


(16 November 2014; included with the short story Watershed) - On the water-rich Periphery world of Barahona, the Barahona Defense Force must face thirsty pirates intent on stealing water at any cost. Includes a playable scenario and two unit digests.

Barahona, 15 August 3061: A mixed company of the Sorsk Regulars is sent on a desperate water raid to Barahona after the water supply on Sorsk was poisoned in an industrial accident; opposing them is a mixed company of defenders. (2 mapsheets, Level 2 tech)