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Ikhwan Stables
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Type Game supplement
Development Jason Schmetzer
Primary writing (various)
Pages 5
Cover Artwork Ray Arrastia (not attributed)
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Publisher BattleCorps
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Series Stable Reports

This summary article provides an overview of the "Stable Report" type publications that have been published as exclusive content through the BattleCorps website.

Stable Reports depict the smaller and less notable MechWarrior Stables in the Solaris Games on Solaris VII or any other world featuring 'Mech dueling events. Similar to BattleCorps Unit Digests or BattleCorps Ship Profiles, they typically contain a description of the stable with separate sections on Instructors, Technicians, Facilities and Tactics, as well as a rundown of available 'Mechs, a Random Allocation Table and some information about six notable characters from the stable.

The list is sorted in ascending chronological order of publication. Articles are listed here with the exact same name as listed on BattleCorps, irrespective of possibly deviating names within the document proper or the name of the downloadable PDF file.

Stable Report: Gilgamesh Stables[edit]

(29 November 2010) - A BattleCorps Stable Report is a gameplay aid designed to offer players a glimpse into one of the myriad unnamed and unknown smaller level MechWarrior stables in the Inner Sphere. This first report is a smaller stable on Solaris VII, in the year 3013.

Description of the Gilgamesh Stables, a small arena stable affiliated with House Marik with 18 'Mechs available to them.

Stable Report: Ikhwan[edit]

(29 December 2010) - The Ikhwan, former Azami soldiers marooned on Westerhand by treachery, are trying to raise funds to return home. A BattleCorps Exclusive Stable Report.

Description of the Ikhwan Stables as of 3042, a small Westerhand arena stable affiliated with the Azami/House Kurita with 9 'Mechs available to them.


Stable Report: Ice Giants[edit]

(26 February 2011) - In the Ice Giants Stable, exiled Rasalhagians who favor the dead Republic over the new Dominion fight for a chance to prove their rightness. Stable Report by Craig Reed Jr.

Description of the Ice Giants Stables as of 3086. Outspoken opponents of the Rasalhague Dominion, they appeared on Solaris in 3084 and are rumored to be a terrorist front.

Stable Report: Toro Stables[edit]

(14 March 2011) - Writer Craig Reed displays for use the 3086 season of one of the smaller stables on Solaris VII

Started in 3082 the Toro Stables, a small-time stable affiliated with the Taurian Concordat, is somewhat down on its luck in 3086. Behind the scenes, the colorful leadership work to obtain advanced weapon technology for the Concordat.

Stable Report: Silhouette Stables[edit]

(18 April 2011) - Writer Craig Reed Jr. shows us Silhouette Stables, a contender in the late 3086 Solaris games.

The Silhouette Stables, established 3080, is a stable affiliated with the Magistracy of Canopus. Rumor has it their tech staff is composed of MOC research scientists to test new equipment on Solaris.

Stable Report: Red Jians[edit]

(30 December 2011) - If you've kept up with the Rankar's Deep series of news articles, you've read about the Red Jians--now you add their character to your games!

Undated, but placed in the Dark Age era; tie-in to the Rankar's Deep newsreel on BattleCorps that is set on Solaris VII in 3086. This description of the Red Jians, who claim affiliation with the Cenotaph Stables and, by implication, the Capellan Confederation, is shorter than other write-ups, as it does not provide a lineup or random allocation table for the stable and limits itself to a summary of the Red Jians' organization and six character briefs.

Stable Report: Wyren Claws[edit]

(30 December 2011) - If you've kept up with the Rankar's Deep series of news articles, you've read about the Wyren Claws--now you add their character to your games!

Noted to have had six good years before the Word of Blake invasion, the stable is described in a similarly truncated fashion as the Red Jians, without a random allocation table. It is dated 3086, and does include somewhat more data including a description of the Wyren Claws' crest and standing contract. The Claws are affiliated with the Draconis Combine.

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