BattleForce Faction Counters: Steiner

BattleForce Faction Counters: Steiner
Product information
Type Game Aid
Pages 13
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CATBC208e
First published 2009
MSRP $0.95
Series BattleForce Faction Counters
Preceded by BattleForce Faction Counters: Marik
Followed by BattleForce Faction Counters: Free Rasalhague Republic


BattleForce Faction Counters: Steiner is a PDF of dual-sided counters, intended to be printed (on cardstock), cut out, folded and glued. The product comes with a cover image, one page of assembly instructions, ten pages of counters (for BattleMechs, combat vehicles and other unit types) and 1 page of small block numbers intended to serve as unit (i.e., element) identifiers.

From the BattleShop product page[edit]

BATTLEFORCE FACTION COUNTERS STEINER BattleForce is the Classic BattleTech game of lightning-fast combat. ’Mechs are still ’Mechs and they still tear up the battlefield, only in BattleForce the pace is accelerated like a DropShip at liftoff! The Faction Counters Davion PDF contains a host of faction-specific BattleForce Unit counters for use with that game system contained in Strategic Operations (BattleForce symbols are based on the Warfare Symbology section found in Strategic Operations). Includes detailed instructions on how to cut out and assemble counters. Players unfamiliar with BattleForce can download the Quick-Start Rules for free to leap into the action.


  • Cover sheet
  • Instructions
  • 'Mech/Vehicle counters sheets
  • Unit numbers