BattleMat: Grassland Collection

Battlemat Collection Grasslands Cover.jpg
BattleMat: Grassland Collection
Product information
Type Map Set
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35800
First published 2019
Series BattleMat

BattleMat: Grassland Collection was a collection of 5 BattleMats released during BattleTech's 35th Anniversary year. Each BattleMat was double-sized at 34” x 22", two-sided and printed on neoprene for extra durability.

The selection of maps included duplicate grassland maps from the Map Pack: Grasslands in double-sized neoprene form, as well as a number of new unique maps using different biomes.


  • Desert / Grasslands A (CAT35800A)
  • Lunar / Grasslands B (CAT35800B)
  • Alpine / Grasslands C (CAT35800C)
  • Savanna / Grasslands D (CAT35800D)
  • Tundra / Grasslands E (CAT35800E)