BattleMech Recovery Vehicle

Heavy BattleMech Recovery Vehicle MercSupp.png
BattleMech Recovery Vehicle
Production information
Manufacturer Various
Production Year 2500[1]
Mission Technical Support/BattleMech Recovery
Type Wheeled
Technical specifications
Mass 50
Armor Steel body panels[2]
Engine Generic 280 ICE
Speed 97 km/h
Communications System Various
Targeting Tracking System None

None standard

BV (1.0) 16[3]
BV (2.0) 90[4]


BattleMech Recovery Vehicle (BRV) is the generic name for a class of heavy truck designed to recover BattleMechs (or parts of 'Mechs) from a battlefield. Equipped with a winch that can move up to 60 tons,[5] the standard BRV looks like a large tow-truck. Using the winch, a damaged 'Mech is pulled onto the BRV's attached trailer. The BRV then delivers the 'Mech to the nearest repair facility.

In addition to being used by techs to recover damaged 'Mechs from a battlefield, these vehicles are sometimes used to move 'Mechs across roads that would otherwise shatter under the 'Mech's feet. The eighteen wheels of the BRV and trailer disperse the weight more evenly across a road surface, allowing 'Mechs to be shipped across a planet.

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

As a general rule BattleMech Recovery Vehicles do not appear on an active battlefield. Instead they arrive after the conflict has ended and the Techs are ready to start repairs. Since they are not involved in combat they do not need weapons. Whatever armor they carry is used not to deflect weapon fire, but to protect from the everyday bumps and scrapes of working in a repair facility.


  • Heavy BattleMech Recovery Vehicle 
    Weighing in at 70 tons, this larger version of the standard BRV can winch and haul up to a 100-ton BattleMech. Though it can carry nearly twice as much weight as the standard BRV, the Heavy version is equipped with a smaller engine. As a result, carrying any 'Mech heavier than 30 tons will slow it to a crawl (32kph).[6] Since the crew is more likely to come under fire, the Heavy BRV carries five times as much armor as its smaller sibling. BV (1.0)= ??, BV (2.0)= 176[7]



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