BattleMechs: Plastic Miniatures

BattleMechs: Plastic Miniatures
Product information
Type Miniatures set
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1674
First published 1993
MSRP 17.00 US $
Content 14 'Mech miniatures

BattleMechs: Plastic Miniatures was a set of BattleMech miniatures produced and sold directly by FASA, similar to the older PlasTech set (whereas BattleTech miniatures, including 'Mechs, were normally produced and sold through Ral Partha otherwise).

The 'Mech selection of BattleMechs: Plastic Miniatures resembles the fourteen "classic" designs from the 2nd Edition boardgame rulebook, minus the Chameleon TrainingMech and the construction rules example which was later canonized as the Merlin.

The miniatures were the same as those included in the BattleTech, 3rd Edition box set.[citation needed]

From the back cover[edit]

BattleMechs: Towering over the battlefield, these humanoid fighting machines of the 31st century carry the most devastating firepower known to man. The MechWarriors who pilot these steel titans can save a planet—or take a galaxy.

BattleMechs: Plastic Miniatures includes 14 detailed miniatures suitable for painting, for use with the BattleTech Game System. This package contains one of each of the following 'Mechs:

Back cover showing painted examples of the miniatures contained in the box

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