BattlePack: Fourth Succession War

BattlePack: Fourth Succession War
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Development Randall N. Bills
Bryan Nystul
Primary writing Randall N. Bills
Pages 40
Cover artwork Doug Chaffee
Illustrations Steve Bryant
Mike Chen
Fred Hooper
Mike Jackson
Brad McDevitt
Matthew Plog
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1705
First published 1998
ISBN-10 1555603394


BattlePack: Fourth Succession War is a short scenario pack that was intended to be a supplement to the fourth edition of the boxed set. This book provided scenarios that were meant to be played out by new BattleTech players, as well as some background information on the Fourth Succession War. An annex at the end provided information on BattleMechs that would have been new to players who had only been exposed to the boxed set.

From the back cover[edit]

In the year 3028, the leaders of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere gathered on the planet Terra as First Prince Hanse Davion of the Federated Suns and Heir-designate Melissa Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth were joined in marriage. Historians prophesied that their union—and the union of their two Houses—would usher in an age of peace and prosperity not seen since the fall of the Star League. But they were wrong—because even as the marriage ceremony took place, thousands of BattleMechs stood poised to launch one of the largest military campaigns in centuries!

The BattlePack is a new and innovative game supplement that requires only the contents of the BattleTech, 4th Edition boxed set to play, making it ideal for the beginning player while offering seasoned players the opportunity to experience the BattleTech universe as it began. BattlePack: Fourth Succession War is based on events in Michael Stackpole's classic Warrior Trilogy novel series. From the opening salvos until the final shots ring out, this supplement takes you step-by-step through the titanic struggle known as the Fourth Succession War.

This expansion features:

  • Ten new, ready-to-play scenarios.
  • The new, never-before-seen Woodland BattleTech map.
  • Eight additional BattleMech record sheets, four of which are new variants: BJ-3 Blackjack, HOP-4B Hoplite, CTF-2X Cataphract, and CGR-1A5 Charger.
  • 20 full-color stand-up playing pieces.


  • Introduction
    • How to Use the Scenarios
    • General Scenario Rules
      • Terminology
      • Number of Players
      • Setup
      • Movement and Retreat
      • Ending the Game
  • Scenarios
    • Scenario 1: The Hammer Falls
    • Scenario 2: Rise of the Revenant
    • Scenario 3: Strike at the Heart
    • Scenario 4: Justice is Served
    • Scenario 5: Operation Intruders Communion
    • Scenario 6: Line in the Sand
    • Scenario 7: The Janos Mistake
    • Scenario 8: In the Claw of the Dragon
    • Scenario 9: At the Gates of Hell
    • Scenario 10: Sic Semper Tyrannis
  • Record Sheets