The BattleTech equivalent of the real-world "Black Box" and "Event Data Recorder" devices installed on many vehicles, the BattleROM records and stores hundreds of hours of all sensor data from a 'Mech, from its internal and external sensors and communications.


While most commonly associated with BattleMechs, most modern military vehicles feature a BattleROM system to record all the visual and sensor information the pilot has access to, from what he sees to pilot and 'Mech condition, communication logs and so on. BattleROM information can be reviewed as simple visual and audio data,[1] but when plugged into a suitable simulator the information as well as the full monitor and instrument output can be played back and displayed exactly as the pilot saw it.[2] Some of the data that is collected can be disabled by the pilot/operator.[citation needed]

Along with simple playback of video and sensor information, information detailing the personal software, audio, display and control configurations chosen by the MechWarrior can be also extracted from the BattleROM computer onto a datachip, a useful means of allowing MechWarriors to quickly reestablish their preferred cockpit and control setup when transferring to a new 'Mech.[3] The BattleROM also includes a complete diagnostic record of the 'Mech to assist techs in maintaining the design and any modifications made to it[2], to the point of even allowing a 'Mech to be reverse engineered and reconstructed virtually from scratch given suitably advanced technical know-how, as seen in Clan Wolf's replication of the Wolfhound.[4]

The armored BattleROM recorder is located in the cockpit and is proof against nearly any catastrophe, from an ammo explosion to a failed orbital drop.[1]


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