BattleRun: Best Ever

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Best Ever
Product information
Type Sourcebook/Adventure
(April Fools joke)
Author Jason Hardy
Pages 50
Cover artwork Brent Evans
Interior artwork Brent Evans
Illustrations Mikael Brodu, Jason Vargas
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT2635A
First published 1 April 2009
MSRP (free)
Era Eighth World timeline Jihad
Timeline 3076
Series April Fools releases

BattleRun: Best Ever (subtitled An Eighth World Adventure; alternately published via BattleCorps as Battle Run: Best Ever! Eighth World Sourcebook/Adventure) is a humorous BattleTech/Shadowrun crossover sourcebook and adventure module that was released as a free 2009 April Fools product.

Publisher's Description[edit]

An Eighth World Adventure

A product 45 years in the making! Though most of those years were concurrent!

As BattleTech celebrates its 25th anniversary and Shadowrun celebrates its 20th, the visionaries at Catalyst Game Labs have, for the first time ever, brought these two worlds together! Join us in a universe that combines the best of two fantastic game universes in a tournament to decide who is the best warrior of all time!

Many warriors have fallen, and only four remain in the Best Ever Tournament: Kieran McCool, the wily immortal elf who pilots the most feared 'Mech on the battlefield; Asmodeal el Angel de la Muerte, the Manei Domini blood mage who is so evil that his mere presence destroys all photons in the immediate vicinity; Nadja Daviar, a refugee from the 21st century who has lost none of her wiles or extreme sex appeal; and newcomer Jonas Hadry, a MechWarrior and battlefield commander so charismatic and beloved that it seems that possibly the deck was a little stacked in his favor.

The Best Ever is a bold venture that bridges two universes. Exciting, visionary, and often a bit deranged, this is the project that no one was asking for but everyone will love!

Contains a summary of the new Eighth World setting, nine new character archetypes, and a roleplaying adventure that involves your characters in the excitement, glamor and sheer ludicrousness of the Best Ever Tournament.

The Best Ever is kind of compatible with Shadowrun, 4th Edition, and A Time of War: The BattleTech RPG, elbow grease to make fully compatible not included.


Created and maintained by essentially the same people and frequently mentioned next to each other, BattleTech and Shadowrun have always been something like siblings in the RPG industry. This April Fools crossover combines them in its sourcebook section by applying BattleTech history to the Shadowrun setting, and pairing BattleTech's signature Great Houses and other factions with characteristic Megacorporations from the Shadowrun setting.

The pairings are:

The implication is that, after the discovery of the Kearny-Fuchida Drive, the Seventh World equals BattleTech's Star League era and the Eighth World equals the Succession Wars era and beyond.

Within this setting, the Best Ever adventure revolves around a Solaris Games match in 3076 where the players are hired to tip the scales in favor of one side: The Elves of Tir-na-Niops, feeling marginalized, desperately want one of their competitors, McCool or Daviar, to win the title. Finalist Jonas Hadry seems to be invincible, but as it turns out he has a crippling allergy to Mycosia Pseudoflora...


  • Table Of Contents (You're Looking At Them)
  • Credits (Look Below)
  • The World You Live In, Though Why We Have To Describe It To You When You're Living In It Is Somewhat Of A Mystery To Us
  • The Era Of Profitable War
    • The Federated Suns: Don't Hate Us Because We're Beautiful
    • House Steiner And Saeder-Krupp: Smooth German Engineering
    • The Capellan Confederation: You Will Be Our People And We Will Be Your God
    • The Free Worlds League: The Batshit Insane Don't Make The Most Reliable Friends
    • The Draconis Combine: They Use All Their Love On Themselves, So They Have None Left For You
    • ComStar and NeoNET: Dude, I Put Together A Real, Working K-F Drive In My Basement
    • The Legion Of The Batshit Insane: Rational Thought Is A Prison And We've Got The Key
    • The Clans: Why Ally With One Of Your Weak Megacorps When We Can Build A Better One On Our Own?
    • And The Rest: Some Other Powers Of Note In The Inner Sphere
  • The Best Ever: An Eighth World Adventure
    • The Final Four
  • Rules, Rules, Rules
  • As Nasty As You Want To Be: Archetypes Of The Eighth World
    • Ork MechWarrior
    • Dwarf Prince
    • Decker Redux
    • Elven Widow
    • Battle Armor Street Samurai
    • Manei Domini Blood Magician
    • Totally Awesome Immortal Elf
    • Word Of Blake Tech Salesman
    • The Marisoo


As an April Fools product, Best Ever: An Eighth World Adventure is explicitly considered non-canonical.