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BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid

BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid
Product information
Type Scenario Pack
Primary writing Aaron Cahall
Joshua Franklin
Keith Hann
Chris Hartford
Johannes Heidler
Daniel Isberner
Mike Miller
Aaron Pollyea
Luke Robertson
Lance Scarinci
Joel Steverson
Chris Wheeler
Joel Steverson
Pages 200
Cover Artwork Marco Mazzoni (art)
David A. Kerber (design)
Illustrations Ray Arrastia
Christopher Balaskas
Juan Miguel López Barea
Alan Blackwell
Doug Chaffee
Ken Coleman
Mark Hayden
Harri Kallio
David A. Kerber
Chris Lewis
Marco Mazzoni
Florian 'SpOoKy' Mellies
Victor Moreno
Benjamin Parker
Marco Pennacchietti
Matt Plog
Anthony Scroggins
Jason Vargas
Franz Vohwinkel
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code CAT35410
First published 27 November 2020
MSRP $39.99
Era Clan Invasion era


Modeled on Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars, BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid will allow players to recreate the titanic Battle of Tukayyid.

Originally announced as Chaos Campaign: Battle of Tukayyid by Catalyst Game Labs as an unlockable stretch goal during the highly popular crowdfunding campaign for the BattleTech: Clan Invasion, the success of the campaign led the intended 50 page PDF to be massively expanded into a intensely detailed full-color hard-backed book.

BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid builds on the Chaos Campaign framework, detailing each of the seven campaigns fought on Tukayyid with a short-fiction entry, full overview of the battle, maps of the regions of that battle, specific combatants involved along with insigina and CamoSpecs guide to bring it to the tabletop in intense detail. Finally a Technical Readout section details 14 new 'Mech variants.

A PDF-exclusive BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid Supplemental companion was released alongside this title.

From the back cover[edit]


On 1 May 3052, over twenty Galaxies from seven Clans clashed with twelve Armies of ComStar's Com Guards. For twenty-one days, one of the largest campaigns in BattleMech warfare unfolded to decide the fate of the Inner Sphere.

The Battle of Tukayyid brings players back to this gargantuan conflict, allowing them to relive one of BattleTech's most pivotal moments. It builds off of the Chaos Campaign: Succession Wars framework to unleash a massive experience players will enjoy across dozens of games. Each of the seven campaigns within includes the following: a short fiction entry and write-up of the battle, including a map of the regions; the specific Combatants involved, along with insignia; and details to allow players to play out each campaign on their tabletop. Finally, a Technical Readout section showcases 'Mech variants that first appeared during this conflict.

This Chaos Campaign puts you as the hero—Aidan Pryde, Anastasius Focht, and others—of the battle. Do you have what it takes to lead the Smoke Jaguars to victory, or will you repeat the failure of the Diamond Shark's? Or can you find a way to defeat the indomitable Clan Wolf? You will decide.


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