BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid Supplemental

BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid Supplemental
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Primary writing Joshua Franklin
Chris Marti
Pages 310
Cover Artwork Harri Kallio
Illustrations Ray Arrastia
Christopher Balaskas
Juan Miguel López Barea
Alan Blackwell
Doug Chaffee
Ken Coleman
Mark Hyaden
Harri Kallio
David A. Kerber
Chris Lewis
Marco Mazzoni
Florian Mellies
Victor Moreno
Benjamin Parker
Marco Pennacchietti
Matt Plog
Anthony Scroggins
Jason Vargas
Franz Vohwinkel
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CAT35S003
First published 27 November 2020
MSRP $9.99
Era Clan Invasion era


A digital companion to BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid, the BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid Supplemental provides expanded options and enhancements to assist players recreate the titanic Battle of Tukayyid.

Where BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid was focused about primarily using those resources released via the 2019 Clan Invasion crowdfunding campaign, the BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid Supplemental provides expanded mapsheet options, including both old and upcoming mapsheets, as well as massively expanded 'Mech availability and Random Assignment Tables to include many more 'Mechs historically indicated to be at Tukayyid in previous sources.

BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid Supplemental also includes a series of seven Interstellar Operations Strategic BattleForce campaign based around notable events in the battle as well as record sheets to play those campaigns. Large-scale maps for those conflicts are included as a separate zip file with the title.

Additionally, record sheets are included for over 200 BattleMechs and OmniMechs, covering every 'Mech from BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid's Availability & Random Assignment Tables.

From the back cover[edit]


The Battle of Tukayyid campaign book brings the pivotal conflict of the Clan Invasion to life in stunning grandeur. But the Tukayyid experience is too exciting to be contained in a single volume, and this Supplemental expands upon the options within that book.

Two sections dig further into BattleTech lore, allowing players to use the full range of mapsheets and record sheets published to date, while a Battlefield Support: Combined Arms Worksheet makes those rules easier to use.

Additionally, over two hundred record sheets cover every 'Mech included in the Battle of Tukayyid campaign book. Finally, a Strategic BattleForce expansion includes the rules, maps, and Formation Record Sheets to use the rules in Interstellar Operations to play out the Battle of Tukayyid with large-scale games.

NOTE: The seven large-scale maps are included in a .zip file so players can print them out for their own use. Additionally, the .zip file includes form-fillable Formation Record Sheets for ComStar and Clan players to create their own sheets.

For Use With: BattleTech: Battle of Tukayyid


  • Introduction
  • Expanded Region Terrain Tables
  • Expanded 'Mech Availability & Random Assignment Tables
    • Clan Front-Line
    • Clan Second-Line
    • ComStar
  • Strategic Battles
    • Scenarios
      • Dinju Pass
      • Kozice Valley
      • Holth Forest
      • Devil's Bath
      • Lake Losilje
      • Robyn's Crossing
      • Bloody Basin Pass
  • Building Custom Rosters
  • Record Sheets
    • Battlefield Support: Combined Arms Worksheet
    • Strategic BattleForce Formation Record Sheets - ComStar
    • Strategic BattleForce Formation Record Sheets - ComStar