BattleTech: The Animated Series/The Enemy of My Enemy

This transcript of episode ten of BattleTech: The Animated Series, The Enemy of My Enemy, is based off a VHS recording from the initial airing.

Scene 1[edit]

[A JumpShip launches Inner Sphere fighters, bearing Draconis Combine insignia, which strafe a Jade Falcon Overlord. Return fire from the DropShip destroys one of the three fighters]

Bryce Grimmer: Mayday! Mayday! This is Captain Bryce Grimmer of the FedCom JumpShip Excelsior! We are under attack by Clan forces!

[The Clan DropShip blasts the JumpShip, and Clan OmniFighters swoop in behind the two remaining Inner Sphere fighters.]

Grimmer: Enemy DropShip approaching. Do not allow it to dock! Repeat, do not allow it to dock!

[ Natalya leads a Point of Elementals, crossing from the DropShip to the JumpShip.]

Natalya: We have no intention of docking.

[The Elementals use their lasers to cut through the hull, not even pausing when a FedCom fighter takes a pot shot at them as it is chased past by an OmniFighter. Once a large enough opening is made, the Elementals jet inside.]

Natalya: To the flight deck! Hurry!

[The last Inner Sphere fighter takes a severe hit and spins out of control.]

Computer: Warning! Extensive damage to primary systems. Critical failure in ten seconds.

[The pilot ejects just before the crippled fighter explodes.]

[On the Excelsior, two crewmen run as Elementals tear through the bulkhead, exposing the corridor to space]

Natalya: Attention! This JumpShip is now the property of Clan Jade Falcon.

[A long range shuttle docks with the Falcon Overlord, and Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus floats into the 'Mech bay, where he is saluted by an Elemental honor guard.]

Nicolai: Excellent work, Natalya. Now the trap is ready for my nemesis, Adam Steiner.

Scene 2[edit]

[Elsewhere, aboard the WarShip CJS Falcon's Nest.

Pytor: I assure you, Galaxy Commander, I refuse to take part in Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus' un-Clanlike renegade actions.

Vandervahn: Then set a course to intercept him, now!

Scene 3[edit]

[At the Excelsior, the Falcon DropShip has docked.]

Nicolai: Captain Grimmer, prepare this ship for hyperspace jump. Set course for the Apollo star system.

[Before the Excelsior can jump, the Falcon's Nest approaches and opens communications.]

Vandervahn: Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus, I order you cease this unauthorized activity.

Ciro: This mission was not authorized?

Nicolai: I made a vow to destroy Adam Steiner and his Strikers. I will do so with or without your approval.

Vandervahn: You and your unit will return to this WarShip immediately, or I will have no choice but to destroy you.

Nicolai: Age has clouded your judgement, old man. Do what you will.

Vandervahn: Very well. Fire!

[A golden nimbus surrounds the Excelsior, and it jumps out before the Falcon's Nest can fire.]

Vandervahn: This is not over, Nicolai. You cannot defy the will of the Clan! Kristen! Pytor! You will lead a strikeforce, and bring him back to me, in any condition.

Scene 4[edit]

[Meanwhile, aboard the Katana, Adam receives an unexpected transmission from Captain Grimmer.]

Grimmer: I received a message from the planet Apollo, from Commander Andrew Steiner.

Adam: My brother? What's he doing on Apollo?

Grimmer: He's gathering a resistance movement. He's requested reinforcements from the AFFC, but they don't have the troops to spare.

Adam: The Strikers are an independent unit. We could go in and assist them!

Grimmer: These are the coordinates. It's an abandoned astronomical survey station on Apollo's northern continent.

[A partial set of coordinates scrolls by in the holo-transmission – "7056.09." Rachel enters the coordinates on her data pad.]

Grimmer: Good luck to you, Major.

Scene 5[edit]

[Aboard the Excelsior, the scene reveals that Grimmer is sending the message under duress, with Nicolai, Ciro, and two Elementals standing over him.]

Nicolai (to Ciro): Why do you think he will respond to such a message?

Ciro: Major Steiner would risk anything to help his brother.

Nicolai: This devotion to family and friends, it is not natural. Personal loyalties cloud one's better judgement. A warrior must always act for the glory of the entire Clan!

Ciro: Is that why you defy Galaxy Commander Chistu and go off on your own?

Nicolai: Major Steiner's continued existence is an affront to us all! Since our Galaxy Commander fails to understand the need for his elimination, I am forced to act on my own authority.

Scene 6[edit]


[The Kwaidan detaches from the Katana and burns towards Apollo.]

Adam: All right, here are the facts, people. The northern continent is sufficiently remote from the planet's population centers, so we're less likely to encounter any garrison troops there.

Rachel: Additionally, Apollo has a thick cloud cover. A good electrical storm could cover our landing from the scanners.

Kylie: It's almost too good to be true.

Franklin: That is what concerns me.

Adam: Now, I'm not going to paint a rosy picture for you. We have no hard evidence that Andrew's unit is anywhere near Apollo, but if there's even a remote possibility he's down there, I have to check it out. However, I can't ask any of you to risk your lives on a mission that is, at best, a long shot and, at worst, is a trap.

Hawk: You don't have to ask, Major. We've come too far to back out on you now.

Scene 7[edit]

[Later, on final approach, the Strikers prepare in the 'Mech bay.]

Patch: I got your Axman rigged up for orbital drop.

Rachel: You got room for one more? I mean, this is a perfect opportunity to test out the new tactical operations center.

Adam: We're going into mountainous terrain. Now, there's no place to land a DropShip. It means we have to orbital drop. Do you really want to get booted into the atmosphere in that contraption?

[Adam points at a Packrat LRPV painted with the Strikers' insignia.]

Rachel: I can do it.

Patch: Lotsa luck, sweetie. Where're ya gonna find someone fool enough to drive that thing with you.

[Everyone turns to look at Patch.]

Patch: Man, I hadda ask.

[The Strikers seal their 'Mechs into drop pods.]

Adam: Now remember, we'll be unable to communicate until we reach Apollo's atmosphere and our shielding blasts open, so if anybody's claustrophobic, now would be the time to speak up.

[The two Banshees fly out to escort the drop pods, piloted by Sakamoto and Kylie.]

Kylie: Don't worry, teach. We'll keep an eye on you.

[Three 'Mech drop pods and one vehicle drop pod rocket towards Apollo's surface.]

Rachel: Yeah, well, I have to confess. I haven't done a hot drop since basic training.

Patch: You think that's bad? I haven't done one since before you were born.

[Two Clan fighters rise to intercept the pods.]

Kylie: Major! Look out! An ambush!

Franklin: They cannot hear us, Kylie. Quick, we must lead them away from the others.

[Sakamoto's Banshee veers off from its escort position. The Clan fighters follow.]

Scene 8[edit]

[On the surface, Nicolai Malthus waits in his Summoner, supported by three Hunchback IICs and Ciro's Timber Wolf. An electrical storm rages around them.]

Nicolai: How simple it would be to destroy them.

Ciro: Simple, but dishonorable.

Nicolai: Adam Steiner deserves no better.

[Nicolai elevates his Summoner's arm and begins firing at the incoming pods, hitting Adam's.]

Adam: Something tells me that's not thunder.

[Adam presses the button to exit the drop pod. The two halves split apart, and the Axman descends towards the ground on jump jets, taking massed fire from the Clan Star below as it approaches the surface.]

Hawk: We're sitting ducks up here!

[The Mauler and Bushwacker also emerge from their drop pods and begin to return fire.]

Nicolai: After them! They cannot get far.

[The Clan Star pursues the Striker 'Mechs into the mountain passes. After they leave, the Packrat lands using parachutes.]

Rachel: Adam, do you copy? What's going on?

Adam: We've been ambushed!

Rachel: I'm reading five Clan 'Mechs heading straight for you.

Adam: Val, cover Rachel and Patch. Hawk and I will try to hold them off. Computer, initiate Enhanced Imaging.

[Adam's first missile salvo takes down a Hunchback IIC.]

Ciro: There they are!

[Ciro's return fire hits Hawk's Mauler, taking its arm off.]

Computer: Warning! Right arm has sustained severe damage!

Hawk: Great! Tell me something I don't know.

[Five more Clan 'Mechs appear on the battlefield, coming through the pass on Nicolai's flank – a Mad Dog, a Timber Wolf, and three Hunchback IICs.]

Rachel: Oh, not to make a bad day worse, Adam, but I'm reading five more Clan 'Mechs coming your way!

Hawk: And this used to be such a quiet neighborhood.

Kristen: Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus, you have tainted your Clan with dishonor. You will cease this renegade attack at once!

Nicolai: She has no authority over us. Resume fire!

Pytor: Do not resist us, Star Colonel. Our orders come directly from the Galaxy Commander. If you do not cooperate, we will be forced to…

Kristen: Enough, Pytor. The Star Colonel has chosen his fate.

[Kristen's Star rips into Nicolai's Star.]

Nicolai: If you will not stand with me, Kristen, then you will fall before me.

[Nicolai and Ciro turn to engage Kristen's Star.]

Adam: Why in the world are they shooting at each other?

Hawk: Do you want me to go over and ask?

[Adam reaches down and picks up the Mauler's severed arm.]

Rachel: Adam, we've located the astronomical survey center.

Adam: Any sign of our Banshee squadron?

[In space, a Banshee dogfights a Clan fighter and destroys it, then rejoins the other Banshee.]

Kylie: Sorry, teach. We've been a little busy.

Franklin: We have successfully disabled the Clan aerofighters.

Adam: Good. I need you to scout ahead to the nearest landing spot for the Kwaidan.

[The two Clan Stars continue to battle in the pass.]

Nicolai: Kristen, this combat will only result in further waste of valuable Clan resources.

[Kristen's blast takes down Ciro's Timber Wolf.]

Nicolai: Meanwhile, Adam Steiner and his Strikers lie within our grasp. Let us join forces and destroy them together.

Kristen: And why should I aid you in this unauthorized campaign, Nicolai?

Nicolai: Once we succeed, my unit and I will return with you of our own volition. You will then be doubly honored.

Kristen: Very well. I agree to your proposal.

Nicolai: Well bargained, and done.

Ciro: The Strikers appear to be scattering.

Nicolai: Then I suggest we split up and hunt them down.

[Rachel manipulates controls in the Packrat.]

Rachel: It's working! The Clan radar is reading our position as miles away from here.

Hawk: Yeah, but how long before they wise up?

Scene 9[edit]

[Patch welds the Mauler arm back to its torso while the Bushwacker holds it at the correct height.]

Patch: Hopefully, long enough for me to jury rig this rust bucket back together.

Rachel: Adam, is there any sign of Andrew's unit?

Adam: Negative, Rachel. No indication they were ever here.

[On patrol, Adam chops a tree in half in frustration.]

Rachel: It was nothing but a set-up from the start.

Adam: But how would they know to leave my brother's name?

Rachel: Ciro…

Adam: Argh! I spent months trying to teach him that information is ammunition, and he takes that advice now?

Rachel: Adam, I'm picking up a stray Clan 'Mech. It's heading straight for you.

[A Hunchback IIC blasts Adam's Axman, knocking it to the ground.]

Rachel: Adam, are you all right? Do you read me? Adam, come in!

[As the Hunchback IIC stands over the prone Axman, the Axman's arm raises and fires two lasers at the Clan 'Mech.]

Rachel: Adam, what's going on out there?

Adam: Sorry about that, Raych. You can't talk when you're playing possum.

[Adam brings the Axman back to its feet.]

Rachel: Adam, I am running a thermal scan on that Hunchback. If you adjust your targeting vector seven degrees to the left, you're shooting right on top of his heat sink.

Adam: Copy that, Rachel.

[Adam fires a barrage of LRMs. Pytor's 'Mech is rocked backwards, and he ejects moments later.]

Rachel: Can I pick 'em or what?

Kylie: Lieutenant Specter, I think we found a landing spot for the DropShip about twenty klicks northwest of your position.

Rachel: I mark that. Hold position and cover the landing.

Scene 10[edit]

[Sakamoto's Banshee drops out of formation with Kylie's.]

Kylie: Hey Frankie, where ya goin'?

Franklin: I know of a more useful way to protect the Kwaidan.

Kylie: Oh, please, don't spoil the surprise on my account.

Scene 11[edit]

[Back at the battlefield site, Adam advances through the woods on foot, pistol drawn. The Packrat pulls up behind him.]

Adam: Patch, Rachel, what are you doing here?

[Patch emerges hefting a crowbar.]

Patch: I need some spare parts for Hawk's Mauler.

[Pytor pushes open the access hatch of his escape pod.]

Pytor: I am MechWarrior Pytor, Clan Jade Falcon. You have defeated me honorably. I am ready to serve as your bondsman.

Adam: All right, Pytor. You can start by helping us gut your 'Mech.

[Patch hands Pytor the crowbar.]

Patch: Here. Knock yourself out.

[Pytor hefts the crowbar thoughtfully.]

Patch: Heh heh. It's just an expression. Now get to work.

Rachel: Are you sure we can trust him?

Adam: I won't make the same mistake we made with Kristen. By Clan law, he has to serve us honorably.

Patch (to Pytor): I seen you before. You work for Malthus!

Pytor: Neg. Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus is a renegade. He defied orders and commandeered a FedCom JumpShip.

Adam: The Excelsior.

Pytor: Aff. Star Colonel Kristen Redmond and I were then ordered to apprehend him.

Rachel: And that's why you were shooting at each other.

Pytor: Correct, but the Star Captain and Malthus agreed to a truce, combining their forces to capture you.

[Adam walks with Rachel into the Packrat.]

Adam: Rachel, I've got an idea. Can you rig it up so that my Axman reads as Pytor's Hunchback on the Clan radar?

Rachel: I think so. Why?

Adam: If we can stir up enough trouble out there, we may be able to get them to start shooting at each other again, and that would buy us some time to get back to the Kwaidan.

Scene 12[edit]

[Several kilometers away, through the mountain pass, the Kwaidan lands, and Sakamoto rendezvouses with it aboard his Banshee, which he docks in its hangar bay. He jumps out of the 'Banshee and runs to the 'Mech bay, where he looks up at the Awesome.]]

Scene 13[edit]

[[Elsewhere in the mountains, Nicolai leads a his Star in search of the Strikers.]

Nicolai: My scanners indicate those Striker trash should be right here.

[Missiles begin striking around the Star.]

Ciro: According to my radar, those came from one of our BattleMechs. It is Pytor's Hunchback!

Nicolai: Pytor?! We agreed to a truce, and now you fire on your own allies?

[In the Packrat, Rachel gloats over her deception.]

Rachel (to Adam): Right in the face, took out a heat sink! Your next target is right behind you. Coordinates four-five-nine-point-two-seven.

[Missiles rain down on Star Captain Kristen Redmond and her lancemate.]

Kristen: Pytor, why do you fire on us? Must I now defeat you in combat?

[In his Axman, Adam watches the two Stars of 'Mechs heading towards each other – six in one group and seven in another.]

Adam: Reeling in fish number two. Now to watch the feeding frenzy.

[Lightning flashes ominously as the Axman retreats to find cover. The two Clan Stars engage.]

Kristen: We agreed to a truce, Nicolai. Why did your unit fire on me?

Nicolai: It was your unit that fired on us!

Kristen: I did no such thing. Pytor fired upon us.

[Clan 'Mechs drop like flies. Nicolai pauses to check his sensors.]

Nicolai: Interesting. Pytor now heads towards the survey station. I suggest we pursue him together.

[Ciro and Kristen fall in behind Nicolai, leaving the downed 'Mechs on the field.]]

Scene 14[edit]

[[At the survey station, Adam's Axman arrives.]

Adam: Hawk, how's your Maulers arm?

Hawk: It won't play the violin, but I'm sure it'll still pound Clanners into the ground.

[Energy blasts strike the ground around the Axman's legs.]

Adam: That's good to hear, because I think they're on to us.

[The survey station takes hits, and Patch runs to the Packrat to avoid being hit by debris falling from the ceiling. The Mauler and Bushwacker move out.]

Rachel: Wait! We need to go back for Pytor!

Hawk: No time! He'll be all right once his buddies dig him out.

[Hawkins turns back to look at the collapsing survey station.]

Nicolai: I should have known Adam Steiner would be behind this deception.

[The Axman reels under the Clanners' joint assault as their 'Mechs crest a ridge overlooking the survey station.]

Adam: Val, Hawk – fire everything you've got into the hillside.

Hawk: Everything? You sure that's the smartest strategy, Major?

Adam: No, but it's the fastest.

[The Strikers shoot the hillside, causing it to crumble and send the three OmniMechs sliding down to the base of the hill.]

Adam: Let's move out. We've got a long walk to the DropShip.

[The three Striker 'Mechs regroup and withdraw.]

Ciro: The Strikers are getting away!

Nicolai: Need I remind you, Ciro, that our opponents have depleted their ammunition? Natalya and her Elementals will finish them off.

Scene 15[edit]

[The Striker 'Mechs and the Packrat approach the Kwaidan.]

Patch: What do you know, guys? Our ride's here!

[Laser fire erupts around the Strikers as an Elemental point flies towards them on jump jets.]

Hawk: Look alive, people! Incoming!

[The Elementals swarm onto the Mauler and the Bushwacker, which both make ineffectual efforts to brush them off.]

Hawk: What now, Major? We just emptied all our ammo into that hillside back there.

[The Kwaidan's hatch slides up and the boarding ramp telescopes out. The Awesome emerges to join the fight.]

Franklin: Perhaps I might provide assistance. That is, if you feel you might require it.

Adam: Franklin? Piloting a 'Mech?

[The Awesome blasts the Elementals off the Mauler and the Axman with precise shots.]

Hawk: Hey, not only that, but he's a pretty good shot.

Adam: You care to tell us why you kept this talent a secret, Mister Sakamoto?

Franklin: Up until now, there has been no BattleMech for me to pilot.

Adam: I should know better than to expect a straight answer from you.

[The Clan OmniMechs renew their assault. The Awesome moves forward to meet their charge.]

Franklin: Run for the Kwaidan. I will hold them as long as I can.

Adam: No! I led you into this trap, and now I'm gonna get you out.

[The Axman takes off on its jump jets, landing near the three Clan OmniMechs, at the foot of a large dam.]

Adam: Malthus! Kristen! Ciro! I challenge you all to a Trial. It's me you want, not my unit. Let them go, and we can fight it out alone.

Kristen: Three against one would not be an honorable conquest.

Adam: Oh, come on. You all want me. Now who's got the guts to come for the prize?

Ciro: This is obviously another trick to get us fighting amongst ourselves again.

Nicolai: Then let us oblige him. Very well, Major Adam Steiner. The three of us shall destroy you together.

[Adam makes the Axman dodge wildly, causing the Clanners' fire to hit the dam behind him.]

Patch: What's he think he's doin'?

Hawk: What's it look like? He's buyin' us a ticket outta here!

[The Striker 'Mechs race back to the Kwaidan.]

Rachel: Well, we can't just abandon him!

Hawk: The Major knows what he's doin'. Let's just make sure his sacrifice counts for something.

[Adam backs the Axman up until it stands right against the dam wall. In the next shot, however, the Clanners are backed up against the dam wall. Adam charges forward through their line and gets his arms shot off. Then he backs the Axman up until it stands against the dam wall again.]

Nicolai: Do you have any final words before we eliminate you?

Adam: Just some friendly advice, pal. Go with the flow!

[The Clanners open fire again. Adam uses his jump jets to rocket up out of the way, and the Clanner attacks hit the already weakened dam surface, shattering it and letting the water pour through.]

Nicolai: Noooooo!!!!!

[A raging torrent of water hits the three Clan 'Mechs and washes them away.]

Kristen: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

[The Axman lands on a cliff overlooking the raging river, then turns and walks back to the Kwaidan.]]

Scene 16[edit]

[[Later, back on the Kwaidan, Adam and Rachel discuss the events on Apollo.]

Rachel: You know, one thing concerns me, Adam. The Clans used to be such straightforward warriors, and now they're using trickery.

Adam: Well, maybe so. But now we know that the Clans are not unbeatable. The Strikers have finally pulled together as a team, and I think we're ready to take back Somerset.

Scene 17[edit]

[Back on Apollo, the sodden OmniMechs emerge from the river onto a rocky shoreline.]

Kristen: Are you finally satisfied, Nicolai?

Nicolai: This is not over. Not as long as Adam Steiner still heads towards his homeworld. I will end this conquest where it began…on Somerset.