BattleTech: The Animated Series/Trade Secrets

This transcript of the fifth episode of BattleTech: The Animated Series, Trade Secrets, is based off a VHS recording from the initial airing.

Scene 1[edit]


[The JumpShip Katana hangs in space as the Strikers mourn the loss of one of their own. The 1st Somerset Strikers are in dress uniform as they hold a funeral ceremony.]

Adam: We are gathered today to honor a valiant warrior, Lieutenant Ciro Ramirez. He was a hero who fought valiantly to protect the citizenry of Romulus. A comrade, who exemplified the standards to which all of us in the First Somerset Strikers aspire.

Val: Isn't he laying it on a bit thick?

Kyile: Shhh!

Adam: Despite his faults, Ciro selflessly battled to keep the Inner Sphere free from the Jade Falcon Clan's invasion force. He deserved the title, BattleMechWarrior.

[The DropShip Kwaidan, docked with the Katana, shoots fireworks into space.]

Kylie: Goodbye, Ciro. Hard to believe, but I'm really gonna miss you.

Scene 2[edit]


[Ciro is chained to a wall in Jade Falcon custody. He pulls a hairpin from his tunic pocket and picks the lock on the manacle holding him to the wall. He then groans and feigns sickness, collapsing to the floor. A guard comes in.]

Guard: What's going on in here? You better be awfully sick, surat, or else…

[Ciro rolls upright and grabs the guard's leg, knocking him down, then runs out the open cell door. He sneaks past an Elemental patrol and through corridors, finally emerging from a hatch into a windswept, sandy desert. He walks about ten steps before a claw reaches out from under the sand and grabs his leg. He is attacked by a native predator – with two clawed forearms, a fanged mouth below large yellow eyes, a sinuous tail, and brown, leathery skin. It overpowers him, but Nicolai Malthus comes to Ciro's rescue, grabbing the creature and lifting it off him.]

Nicolai: As you can see, little bondsman, there is nothing to be gained by fleeing…

[Nicolai throws the creature into a nearby dune. It quickly burrows out of sight. Ciro stands up, then yells and attacks Nicolai. They struggle, but Nicolai quickly overpowers Ciro. Ciro's heirloom Star League medal drops to the ground.]

Nicolai: …and even less by resisting.

Ciro: The Strikers have not forgotten me. They will come. They will free me.

[Nicolai picks up the medal, then tosses it back to Ciro.]

Nicolai: That is precisely what I was hoping to hear.

Scene 3[edit]

[Back aboard the Kwaidan, which is transiting away from the Katana, Adam leads a mission briefing.]

Adam: All right, guys. It's high time we resumed our primary mission of gathering information. Now, as you can see here, the Clans are wreaking havoc across the entire Inner Sphere. They're taking planets all over the Federated Commonwealth and Draconis Combine. Now, their 'Mechs are faster, they're more powerful, can take twice the punishment, and never overheat!

Hawk: Gee, thanks for the current events lesson, Major. What can we do?

Adam: Well, if we learn the secrets behind their technology, it just might even the odds. But there hasn't been anything this advanced since the Star League.

Kylie: Come on. Kerensky and his troops left the Inner Sphere three hundred years ago.

Rachel: Hmmm. Perhaps they met up with the Clans.

Adam: Now, the last reported Clan strike was right here at Twycross. Apparently, they're trying to use one of our bases as a supply post. If we pay them a surprise visit, we might just be able to appropriate some of their exotic hardware.

Val: By "appropriate," do you mean "steal?"

Hawk: Let's call it a permanent loan, like taking a baseball bat away from a bully.

Adam: Heh heh. Now, the strike team will consist of Val and me. Hawk and Kylie, you'll keep the back door open, covering our retreat, while Rachel remains on board the Kwaidan to coordinate the operation.

[Rachel looks furious at being left out of the action…again.]

Rachel: With only one 'Mech to coordinate? Again I have to stand outside, watch, and wait.

Val: At least you'll be safe.

Rachel: Ugh.

Scene 4[edit]

[The Kwaidan makes a landing approach towards Twycross.]

Frestadt: Now entering orbit. I'm reading a heavy windstorm centered directly over our landing site.

Adam: I know, but it's our best bet for touching down undetected. Kylie, we'll need you to scout ahead, since your Banshee is more maneuverable than the DropShip.

[The Banshee launches from the DropShip into the Coriolis storm.]

Kylie: C'mon, baby. Don't fight me now! The wind's too fierce, Major. Do you mind if I try to…

[Communications cut off as the Banshee is thrown about by the winds.]

Rachel: Kylie! Kylie, do you copy? Something's wrong, Major.

Adam: Stations, people! We're going in after her!

Frestadt: Follow her trajectory.

Hawk: Fasten your seatbelts, people. We're in for a bumpy ride.

[Alarms sound as Adam and Rachel are thrown around the bridge]

Frestadt: Boost the power to the stabilizers. Landing thrusters on full! Now!

[The alarms cut off as the ship touches down in the desert.]

Rachel: Adam, I'm picking up an SOS. It's pretty weak.

[Adam, Hawkins, and Dr. Nakamura exit the Kwaidan on foot to find Kylie. They find the fighter not far away, crashed in the sands. They open the cockpit and find Kylie inside.]

Kylie: Well, about time you guys got here.

Scene 5[edit]

[Back in the ship, Kylie recovers in the medbay]

Kylie: Uhhh! Watch the fingers, doc.

Nakamura: I cannot clear her to fly.

Kylie: What are you talking about, I'm fi..aaargh!

Nakamura: This medi-patch will help you rest.

[Nakamura adheres a medi-patch to Kylie's arm, injecting sleep inducing chemicals. Ryder holds one up.]

Val: I could have used these in a couple of scraps on Dustball.

[Nakamura snatches it back.]

Nakamura: This is medication, not some toy. It should be used responsibly.

Scene 6[edit]

[Adam and Ryder meet Sakamoto in the corridor as they leave medbay.]

Franklin: Major, I must protest the risks you are taking with this ship.

Adam: Hey, you were aware of the danger when you agreed to be part of this mission.

Val: What's the matter, Frank? Rough landings make you spacesick?

Franklin: I am still responsible for the safety of the Kwaidan and its crew, and I will protect them in any way I deem necessary.

Scene 7[edit]

[As Adam and Val suit up to go outside on the mission, Rachel stalks past them and pulls a backpack from her locker.]

Adam: What do you think you're doing? You are staying put on the DropShip. If anything happens to me, someone's got to carry on the real mission – to free Somerset.

Rachel: I'll be more useful figuring out their technology if it's right in front of me.

Adam: I can't afford to lose you, Rachel. You're far too valuable.

Rachel: Then how about giving me a chance to be valuable, Adam. I am part of the team.

Val: She's got you there, Major.

Scene 8[edit]

[The team leaves the DropShip on foot as the sun sets over the desert, wearing filter masks against the sand. They see fighting in the distance.]

Rachel: What's going on down there?

Adam: Looks like the Twycross Militia

[A Mauler falls to the ground and explodes. Nicolai Malthus gives orders to his troops.]

Nicolai: All units, switch to Enhanced Imaging! Together we will crush the final embers of resistance on this world.

Val: How are we supposed to get past that?

Adam: Offhand, I'd say with extreme caution.

Nicolai: Once again, I find myself pitted against unworthy adversaries.

[Nicolai's Summoner blasts a Twycross Militia Mauler, causing it to collapse nearly on top of the Strikers.]

Rachel: You sure this is the safest route?

Adam: No, but it's the quickest.

[The militia takes a pounding, and their 'Mechs drop to the desert floor. Ryder takes a block of plastic explosives out of his pack.]

Val: If I can just plant one of these babies under their legs…

Adam: No, Val. We can't risk revealing our presence. We'll do a lot more for the Inner Sphere by getting ahold of that Clan technology.

[A militia Mauler flees the fight, following in the team's footsteps. Malthus' Summoner stalks after the Mauler. A Leopard-class DropShip blasts off before Malthus catches up.]

Nicolai: Inner Sphere cowards would rather flee than perish with honor.

Scene 9[edit]

[Back at the Falcon supply base, Malthus communicates with Galaxy Commander Vandervahn Chistu.]

Vandervahn: Aff, congratulations on your latest planetary conquest, Star Colonel Nicolai Malthus. I hereby order you to turn Twycross over to [[Star Captain[[ Kristen Redmond's garrison.

Nicolai: With all due respect, Galaxy Commander, my premature departure from Romulus resulted in that planet's loss to a small band of rebels.

Kristen: My garrison is fully capable of holding this oversized grain of sand!

Nicolai: I merely wish to be certain that this planet is secure before leaving it in lesser hands.

Vandervahn: Very well, you may remain on Twycross for an additional 48 hours.

Scene 10[edit]

[As the Striker team walks through the desert, the sun rises and the Coriolis winds pick up.]

Rachel: Okay, now this is where the Clan 'Mech heat signatures cut out.

Val: What'd they do, sink into the sand?

Adam: Maybe there's an entry hatch down there.

Rachel: If I remember right, the Twycross Militia had an underground base near here.

Adam: C'mon!

[The team slides down a steep, sandy slope. Rachel hits a sinkhole and begins sinking into the sands.]

Rachel: Oh!

Val: Guys?

[Adam runs to help and sinks in even deeper himself.]

Adam: Rachel, what's wr…aaah!

Val: We're in big trouble.

[Ryder begins to sink, and they all go under.]

[Inside the underground base, an explosion sends sand pouring into one of the corridors, followed by the Striker team.]

Adam: Nice work, Val. You realize you could have blown us up along with that ceiling?

Val: Desperate situations call for desperate measures, Major.

[Adam pulls Rachel out of a sand heap.]

Rachel: <coughing> Thanks.

Scene 11[edit]

[Back at the Kwaidan, Sakamoto walks into the 'Mech bay, where the Mauler is undergoing maintenance. He starts to pick up a crate marked "pentaglycerine." Hawkins' head emerges from the Mauler cockpit.]

Hawk: Can I help you?

Franklin: Ahem. I did not realize my run of this ship was…restricted.

[Sakamoto picks up the crate and walks off as Hawkins returns to the repairs.]

Scene 12[edit]

[In the Falcon base, the three Strikers spot a guard in the corridor, around a corner.]

Adam: There's no way to get past him without blasting.

[Ryder walks up to the Falcon guard.]

Rachel: What's he doing?

Ryder [to guard]: Say buddy, which way is Sector D?

[Ryder slaps a medipatch on the surprised guard's forehead.]

Guard: What? Huh? No! Uhhhhh.

[The guard slumps to the floor, unconscious. Ryder turns to Rachel and Adam and holds up handfuls of Dr. Nakamura's medipatches.]

Val: Medipatches. Don't leave home without 'em.

[Adam and Rachel run into the control center, while Ryder drags the guard's body out of sight.]

Rachel: Humph. Didn't take them long to set up shop in the Militia's computers.

[Rachel connects a cord from her belt computer to the mainframe.]

Rachel: Now, if I can just get the system to download the coordinates of their armory, we might just find out where their suits are stored. Bingo! Sector 6C. Now let's see what else we can find.

Adam: There isn't time, Rachel. Let's go!

[Ryder and Adam run out.]

Rachel: Almost through.

[The Falcon guard begins to rise from the floor.]

Guard: You! You there! Halt!

[Rachel blasts the guard with a laser in her wristband. He slumps against the wall. Alarms begin to blare. She runs out and joins Adam and Ryder in the hall.]

Val: This what passes for subtlety on Somerset?

Rachel: Would it help if I said I was sorry?

[The team rounds a corner and comes face to face with a squad of guards.]

Guard: Freeze, surats!

Val: Was it something we…said?

Scene 13[edit]

[Elsewhere in the base, Ciro sits in a holding cell. Nicolai Malthus enters.]

Nicolai: Your former commander and his compatriots were found skulking around this complex. They belong to me, now. Their futures are uncertain, but there is surely a place for you among us.

[Nicolai tosses and catches Ciro's Star League medal as he speaks, then leaves the room.]

Scene 14[edit]

[In another cell, the captured Strikers are held to the wall by manacles.]

Adam [to Rachel]: I knew bringing you along was a mistake. This isn't a training mission.

Rachel: I said I was sorry. You want to keep nagging?

[Malthus enters]

Nicolai: What have we here? Major Adam Steiner of the First Somerset Strikers? My, my. I believe he recently requested that I take up my quarrel with him...personally.

Adam: Open up these bracelets, pal, and we'll get real personal.

Nicolai: This one shows spirit. He will make a fine addition to the…Labor Caste.

[Rachel raises her leg – where the computer pad is now strapped – and coughs.]

Nicolai: And what does this one have to say?

Rachel: Three…two…one…and….now!

[The door to the cell and the manacles pop open and the lights go out. Punching noises ensue.]

Rachel: Come on, guys! We can make our withdrawal with this cover. Funny what a little corrupted code will do to a complex run by a computer.

[The Strikers run out into the hallway with Rachel in the lead. When the lights come back on, Nicolai and his guards rise from the floor of the cell.]

Nicolai: Grab them before they escape!

Adam [to Rachel]: You're a miracle worker, you know that?

Rachel: Yeah. You still think I'm not cut out for field duty?

[Falcon warriors sweep the base with flashlights. The Strikers evade pursuit using ventilation shafts. After a patrol passes, one of the ceiling hatches opens and the Strikers drop out.]

Rachel: All clear!

Adam: Come on!

Scene 15[edit]

[Back on the surface, at the Kwaidan, Sakamoto sets out in the desert with a filter mask and a backpack filled with pentaglycerine.]

Scene 16[edit]

[Back in the tunnels]

Rachel: It could be right around this corner.

[Adam looks around the corner and sees Elemental Natalya (out of armor) standing guard at the armory.]

Adam: Only one guard left but, wow, she's a big one!

[Ryder pulls a handful of medipatches out of his vest.]

Val: Watch the master in action.

[Ryder runs toward Natalya and leaps at her, but she catches him and slams him against the wall. He drops the medipatches.]

Val: I make it a point, no concussions on the first date.

[Adam and Rachel run up, collect the medipatches, and slap them onto Natalya's face while she lifts Ryder over her head. She collapses onto the floor, dropping Ryder.]

Adam: Man, we must have used enough to knock out an elephant.

Val: Take a gander, Major. Does she look as small as an elephant to you?

[Rachel checks Natalya's pulse.]

Rachel: She'll be all right, believe it or not.

[The team opens the door to the armory, where at least six suits of Elemental armor are stored.]

Val: Guys, we have hit the jackpot!

Adam: Let's move it, Strikers. It won't take 'em long to figure out why we're here.

Scene 17[edit]

[Back in Ciro's cell, Nicolai prepares an ambush for the team.]

Nicolai [to Ciro]: Their objective is crystal clear, and when they come for you, we will be waiting.

Scene 18[edit]

[In the armory, all three Strikers are suited up in the Battle Armor, but haven't yet figured out the controls.]

Val: These babies ought to come with an instruction manual.

Rachel: There's got to be some way to adjust them.

Adam: I don't see any controls…huh?

[The faceplate swings shut. The door to the armory begins to buckle inward as guards work to breach it.]

Val: Somebody order room service?

[The door explodes open, revealing four guards with guns drawn. Ryder's visor closes by itself.]

Val: This would be a real good time to fire short range missiles.

[His suit's missiles fire, scattering the guards and slamming Ryder against the wall with the recoil.]

Rachel: Did you see that, Adam? These suits respond to vocal commands.

Ryder [sarcastically]: Oh, you think so?

Rachel: The vocal interface must be derived from Star League technology.

Val: Can the analysis wait until later?

Scene 19[edit]

[In the desert above, Sakamoto carefully places pentaglycerine charges in a rockface.]

Scene 20[edit]

[In the complex, the three armored Strikers head towards an elevator.]

Val: Never a servolift when you need one.

[Ryder slaps ineffectually at the call button with his laser barrel.]

Rachel: Please, allow me.

[Rachel uses her manipulator claw to press the button, but is interrupted by the arrival of Kristen Redmond and four armored Elementals.]

Kristen: Greetings, Inner Sphere trash. You are hereby declared isorla…my property.

[Nicolai arrives with more Elementals and puts in a counter-claim.]

Nicolai: Stand down, Star Captain. These prisoners are my property!

Kristen: What is your problem, Nicolai? Too proud to forfeit even an ounce of glory?

Adam: I just love people fighting over me.

[Adam raises his arm laser and fires at the ceiling, breaching it and letting sand pour in, burying Kristen's Elementals. Rachel follows suit, shooting the ceiling over Nicolai's group, just as the servolift arrives.]

Val: What did I tell you? Piece of cake!

[Adam presses the button to go to the surface, but the car is shaken by an explosion.]

Val: Or, maybe not.

Adam: Do I remember right about these things having jump jets?

Rachel: We just need the right vocal command to activate them.

Val: Jump Jets! Thrusters! Up, up and awa…

Rachel: Boosters!

[Rachel's boot jets activate, and she comes flying out of the sandy desert floor. The other two follow in short order, punching their own holes up through the sand and landing next to Rachel.]

Val: Mission accomplished.

[A shadow falls over the trio.]

Adam: Oh, we're not home yet, people.

[A Star of Clan 'Mechs appear in pursuit of the Strikers – Nicolai's Summoner, a Timber Wolf, a Hunchback IIC, a Mad Dog, and another Summoner.]

Nicolai: Freeborn warriors! You will surrender immediately!

Adam: Fire short range missiles!

Rachel: Boosters!

[Rachel evades a blast from the Timber Wolf. The other two Strikers follow suit, following her into a canyon.]

Adam: All right, let's take positions. This pass is too narrow for their big guns.

[The Strikers' retreat is cut off by the arrival of an Elemental point.]

Val: But it's just right for their little guns.

Hawk: Do you guys need a bigger target?

[Hawkins' Mauler unexpectedly appears behind the Clan Elementals.]

Adam: Hawk, glad you could join the party.

Hawk: You can't hog all the fun, Major.

[The Elementals swarm the Mauler.]

Computer: Warning, laser cannons obstructed.

Hawk: C'mon! Shake that sand out!

[In another cockpit, wearing a helmet, Sakamoto watches the fight.]

Franklin: Perfect.

[He swipes a card through a computer reader.]

Computer: Warning. Atmospheric disturbance detected. Transmission complete.

[Sakamoto returns his attention to the monitor, and is distressed at Hawkins' actions.]

Franklin: No, what are you doing? Don't fire your…

[Hawk fires the Mauler's arm lasers, making the Elementals dance to avoid the shots.]

Hawk: Hah!

[Sakamoto's pentaglycerine detonates, sending rocks cascading down on the Elementals, the Strikers, and the pursuing Clan 'Mechs. The Mauler goes down in the avalanche.]

Adam: Hawwwwwwwwkkk! We gotta go back for him!

[The Elementals swarm towards the partially buried Mauler.]

Hawk: Forget me, Major. The mission always comes first.

[A Banshee swoops overhead and blasts the Elementals away from the Mauler, then frees the 'Mech with precision strafing against the surrounding rocks.]

Hawk: Thanks for the assist, Kylie.

Franklin: The pleasure is mine, Hawk-san.

Hawk: Sakamoto? What're you doing in a Banshee?

Franklin: By all appearances, Hawk-san, I'm saving your life.

Hawk: By all appearances, Frankie-san, you almost blew me to kingdom come! Or did someone else plant those pentaglycerine explosives, huh?

Scene 21[edit]

[The Strikers return to the Kwaidan.]

Franklin: Someone had to stop them from following you back to my DropShip.

Rachel: Got you there, Hawk.

Hawk: I hate it when he's right.

[Ryder walks up with several of the reptilian desert predators clinging to his armor.]

Val: Hey! Get these things off me!

[As the ship prepares to launch, Frestadt sees Elementals approaching on his monitor.]

Frestadt: Commence liftoff procedure, now!

[The Elementals grab onto the hull and begin cutting into it with their lasers. They jump clear as the ship rockets skyward.]

Scene 22[edit]

[Back at the base, Nicolai gloats in Ciro's cell.]

Nicolai: Your cowardly comrades ran away after taking what they had come to steal. Oh, apparently your salvation was not part of their little plan. Tell me once more about honor, Ciro. I mean, what passes for honor in the Inner Sphere.

Ciro: They're gonna come back, you know!

Nicolai: Your friends are long gone.

Ciro: Not them. The descendants of Kerensky!

[Ciro holds up a Star League medal.]

Ciro: When his army returns, you're gonna pay for invading us.

Nicolai: Are you so totally incapable of perceiving the obvious?

[Nicolai pulls out his own matching Star League medal.]

Nicolai: We are the descendants of Kerensky!

[Nicolai laughs.]

Scene 23[edit]

[At the jump point, the Kwaidan docks with the Katana.]

Adam: Incredible work, Strikers. We actually pulled it off.

[Adam approaches Rachel as she's examining the Elemental armor.]

Adam: Hey, you're pretty good in the heat of battle. Would you consider coming into combat with us again?

Rachel: Sure, if you think you can use me.

[Adam turns to Sakamoto.]

Adam: And you, Mister Sakamoto, why didn't you mention you were an aerospace pilot?

Franklin: I am a man of many talents.

Hawk: Yeah, and many secrets, too.

Adam: We've got room for another aerojock. Are you interested?

Scene 24[edit]

[Back on Twycross, Vandervahn Chistu reprimands Nicolai via holotransmission.]

Vandervahn: Congratulations, Nicolai. You are the first Star Colonel incompetent enough to lose a set of Elemental armor to these Inner Sphere barbarians. You may have just cost us our technological edge in this campaign.

Kristen: Oh, has the great Nicolai Malthus clouded his judgement for a personal vendetta? How lamentably un-Clanlike.

Nicolai: Perhaps, but I will make Adam Steiner pay for this insult. And he will pay dearly!

Scene 25[edit]

[The Katana jumps out to the Butler system.]