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  • Kai Allard-Liao arrives on Solaris VII, beginning his famed run in the Games.


  • New Avalon Institute of Science develops prototype Armor-Piercing Autocannon munitions.
  • Clan Coyote begins work on what will become the Advanced Tactical Missile System.
  • Johnston Industries begins full scale production of its redesigned Goblin tank.
  • Luthien Armor Works' DMO-1K Daimyo BattleMech enters production.
  • Norse-Storm BattleMechs reintroduces the Spector BattleMech.
  • Lockheed-CBM Corporation introduce the KC-9 King Karnov air transport.
  • Bowie Industries introduces the Hercules-class DropShip.
  • Shipil Company's prototype FCS Claymore makes it first maiden flight.
  • Draconis Combine begins initial construction on the Kyushu-class WarShip.
  • DCMS begin development of the Komodo Assault Battle Armor, what will later become the Kanazuchi suit.
  • Draconis Combine's Buda Enterprises of Proserpina produces first modern Tokugawa Heavy Tanks.
  • The Direct Neural Interface-equipped Prometheus appears in Solaris arenas.