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Welcome to the Characters WikiProject. We are a group dedicated to improving BattleTechWiki's biographical articles, both on fictional characters and the real people behind BattleTech. Feel free to join in by adding your name to the group, grabbing an article to complete or weighing in on the discussion.

  • Catalogue every character introduced into BattleTech
  • Catalogue each real world person that has had a hand in shaping official BattleTech
  • Initially, the project will focus on the characters introduced in the FASA, FanPro & CGL products, and the supporting novels. The people who helped design, write and draw BattleTech will be covered, as well.


Project Biographies is now open, but a bit sparse. If you're a newcomer to BTW and see that this project hasn't moved much, please feel free to take the helm. There are very few contributors to BTW just yet, and we're busy building the infrastructure (such as this project and others like it).


  • The philosophy of Project Biographies is that this wiki will be enriched by having a rich tapestry of articles that link products to 'Mechs to weapon systems to planets. One thing that all of these various categories share is that someone either invented them, wrote about them or drew them [real people] or they were designed by, built by, utilized by or captured by a character in the BattleTech universe. By creating well-crafted articles detailing each person's place in the universe (or on it), we'll be directly responsible for deepening the scope of BattleTechWiki as a whole. Oh, and by the way...the project will never be completed, only further enhanced.
  • Right now, the fictional biographies are divided into three classes:
  1. Class A: these are primary characters within the BattleTech mythos, and should be expected to have detailed and well-written articles, updated as new material is released. (Ex: Hanse Davion, Thomas Marik)
  2. Class B: these characters performed one major service or act that made them notable in BattleTech, but may not have been involved in any storylines or have anything else that describes them outside of the event they are known for. Their articles will be short, but should provide very specific information as to how they affected the BattleTech Universe. (Ex. Cassie DeBurke)
  3. Class C: these characters are mentioned possibly only once in all the BattleTech sources and usually as supporting characters. Their articles may each be limited to only one line, though they can definitely be longer. (Ex. Joshua Hoshiko, Adien M'Ripon)
  • Biographies on real people are broken up into two classes:
  1. Class A: these are the famous (or infamous) Powers That Be (PTB), that were major contributors or developers to the BattleTech product line. They tend to have articles detailing how they entered into their BattleTech role(s), how they progressed in it, and what they did to change or enhance the game and/or universe. The articles should also list the products with which they were associated.(Ex: Jordan Weisman, Randall Bills)
  2. Class B: these contributors may not have stood out in their contributions, but the did have some role with official BattleTech, usually beyond that of a playtester or dedication recipient. Their articles may have nothing on the person themselves, but each should list all projects with which that person is associated and the role they played. (Ex. Allen Nunis, Take Kasakura).

Open tasks[edit]

  • Discuss what categories should be attached to each biography. (See talk page.)
  • Edit for mis-spellings, grammatical and formatting mistakes for current articles.
  • Place the Project Biographies messagebox (see Tags below) on each biography discussion page.


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

  1. Scaletail: expanding the stubs that were imported from Wikipedia, adding sourcebook authors.
  2. BDeVoe: fleshing out many of the Third and Fourth Succession War personalities.
  3. Workerbee: FedCom Civil War personalities, famous Clanners
  4. Wrangler: Enhancing existing characters, all obscure characters, freshing out Dark Age characters.
  5. Deeppockets: Taurian Concordat personalities, planets and sundry events/battles/industries prior to 3060
  6. Deeppockets: Outworlds Alliance personalities, planets and sundry events/battles/industries up to 3067
  7. Doneve: Copyedits and added to all Bios the project template.
  8. Sasquatch: using personal collection to research obscure minor characters/planets/industries and enhancing existing data on all
  9. ClanWolverine101: generating original, in-depth articles as info becomes available
  10. CungrVanck: Adding several Clan characters as time permits
  11. Rebs: Early Clan, Golden Century and later Clan characters with related support material as needed.
  12. BobTheZombie: Grammatical editing, adding finishing touches
  13. Dmon: little bits of info, mostly about family histories.
  14. DerangedShadow: Add as many people as I can. People push events, events shape the universe.
  15. Nuclear-Fridge: Concentrating on early Clan Invasion era and BattleTechnology characters.
  16. ClanJF74017: Focusing on missing characters, working on Clan Characters, mercenary characters. I am here to help.
  17. Dark Jaguar: Creating new Bios and expanding ones already created, a pet project is the Clan Smoke Jaguar Minor Characters.
  18. Straw Boss: currently working on Starterbook: Wolf and Blake Black Widow Company and some others that i have access to the information on (Laurie Tseng)
  19. HF22: Seeking to identify and create articles for every minor character in canon with a full name.
  20. Bismark'sTailor: Adding obscure mercenary characters, and creating articles for the 3016 & 3029 Kell Hounds roster characters.


Collaboration and review[edit]

See Template:WikiProject Characters for instructions on how to both flag new articles for review, and flag that you have reviewed them.

Note: Editors, please remove articles from Known list once you have weighed in (Add new articles to the list from the bottom.) For the articles that required review please remove and/or change it's tag

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  • None yet, but we definitely could use some candidates here.




In order to make the BattleTechWiki as accessible as possible, proper categorization is paramount. Since this is Project Biographies, one of our tasks will be focusing on categorizing the bio articles of the real and fictional people of BattleTech.

Active Categories[edit]

These are the active biographical categories on BTW, in parent-child, alphabetical descending order:


  • Right Now — categorization that is meant be already underway:

  • On the Back Burner — categorization that is slated to begin when the previous task is, at a minimum, near-complete:


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