BattleTechWiki:Project Maintenance

Project Maintenance is a resource for the (almost neverending) vital part of keeping BTW running optimally. As most of these tasks can be done by any user, anyone can assist the senior editors and admins in maintaining BTW.

New Items[edit]

Maintenance Categories that are automatically populated[edit]

Note: These categories are automatically populated by the MediaWiki software


Remember the Extensions that are already installed can be seen here

Extensions that are unmaintained and may need to be replaced[edit]

Extensions that may require updates[edit]

Extensions that may need additional configuration[edit]

Extensions that are requested[edit]

Extensions that are requested but require a MediaWiki version update[edit]

Maintenance tasks[edit]

If you are looking into creating or modifying articles the tracking categories in BattleTechWiki:Project Cleanup will be your best bet to find those.

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