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Welcome to Project Orphanage.

The MediaWiki software on which Sarna operates automatically generates a daily report (Special:LonelyPages) listing all the pages that have no other pages linking to them, i.e. "orphans". (The report's cache is limited to the first thousand entries.) In an ideal Wiki, every page will have a "home" somewhere, and you should be able to find any article—eventually—by starting at the home page and following the links.

The goal of Project Orphanage is to find "homes" for as many "orphans" as realistically possible.

How to Join[edit]

Just add your UserPage and what sorts of things you want to focus on here!

  • Talvin: Keeping the cache down to a manageable level so it doesn't overflow again, project leader.
  • BobTheZombie: "Theirs not to reason why, / Theirs but to do and die." (Wherever I'm needed!)
  • ManganMan: I know how to add a missing "2" to existing "2" to get the "4", yet within knowledge I have.
  • theguillotine: Looking to do any work necessary, just point me in a direction and I'll have it done as fast as I can

What to Do[edit]

Adopt an Orphan! Even just one page that is "homed", or added as a link to another page, is a big help. Try to avoid "bubbles", little sections of the Wiki that just link to each other. How can someone clicking around through the Wiki find that page? Categories aren't always the best way.

If you have a particular area of interest, check out the related Official Projects below!

If you have have any issues, questions, concerns, etc., to discuss, please ask on this project's Talk page (also found on the Discussion tab above this page) or on in the "Wiki" category of channels on Sarna's Discord server (also accessible on the sidebar to the left).

Welcome aboard!

Intersections with Other Projects[edit]

Almost every Official Project is represented among the "Orphans", and when dealing with those areas, the work of those projects should be respected. To make it easier to find orphans of interest, they are arranged by related Project below.

Project Characters[edit]

See Also: Project: Characters

Due to the evolving nature of the BattleTech Universe, there are no minor characters. A character that got one line in a sourcebook may be picked up by an author and turned into the protagonist or antagonist of a short story or novel later on. That said, there are a lot of orphan articles about characters that got just one-line mentions. Many of these have been put in "roster" pages to keep them out of the Orphaned Pages.

We also have a page for Noble Houses, their members, and affiliated titles. User:Dmon has a personal project related to this as well.

Project GameRules, Project Infantry Weapons, and Project Technology[edit]

See Also:

Project: GameRules
Project: Infantry Weapons
Project: Technology

All of the orphans related to those projects are kept in one place:

As of 20 February 2022: Keep in mind that the GameRules Project is likely to be making significant changes to some of these pages soon.

Project Military Commands[edit]

See Also: Project: Military Commands

General Staff Officers[edit]

These need to be attached to their relevant commands. Some of those pages need to be either created or possibly split up into multiple articles.

Federated Commonwealth[edit]

Federated Suns[edit]


Project Planets and Project Systems[edit]

See Also:

Project: Planets
Project: Systems


These don't really fit neatly under any of the projects above.


There is published BattleTech fiction that is not linked from elsewhere in the Wiki.


A number of these have been homed. The ones that remain will likely require someone with access to the sources to sort things out, due to limited and/or conflicting data available.

Video Game Elements[edit]

All of these are connected to one of the video games, and thus Apocryphal:

Not Up For Adoption[edit]

Anything here is either being handled by someone else, or is otherwise to be left alone (like unreleased products, moratorium, etc.)


Someone Specific Handling[edit]

Senior Editor Cache is overseeing these.

Tagged for Deletion or Merging[edit]

No point in finding them a home. They are parked here to keep them out of the Orphans. If it turns red, just remove it.