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Operation: Doneve[edit]

A cross-site, multi-pronged collaborative effort to update the maps and the coordinates of the various systems is now underway.

A new project by the (interactive) Inner Sphere 3025 map site's creator, Gruese—alongside Volt (of Sarna Unified Cartography Society fame), Nicjansma (owner of the Sarna site and BattleTech Wiki's founder), and Project: Planet lead Revanche—seeks to refresh the maps displayed on the site's system articles, introduce a new way of exploring the target system's immediate neighborhood, and completely and accurately update the coordinates on each article page.


The goals of this mapping project are:

  • Audit the system article pages for coordinate accuracy and naming conventions, against the coordinates from the Sarna Unified Cartography Society (SUCS); (completed)
  • Correct those coordinates and names within the Sarna Unified Cartography Kit (SUCKit) and Sarna itself, as identified by the audit; (completed)
  • Develop, add, and update Neighboring Systems tables within each system article; (ADDED August 2018) (completed)
  • Update the primary system neighborhood map (within each article) to a more accurate and informative display of that centered system (with the default year of 3025); (completed)
  • Add a mini-map (within each article) that indicates the relative position of that system's position in regards to the rest of the Inner Sphere (example of similar construct on Wikipedia); (completed)
  • Link to a Sarna-themed version of the (active) Inner Sphere 3025 from within each system article, allowing the user to explore the BattleTech universe, and link—through a completely different targeted system—to the relevant Sarna system article (this can already be accomplished with the present map);
  • create a user-manipulated gallery of the targeted system and its neighbors over the major BattleTech eras.

Status Reports[edit]

The plan is to achieve the above goals with several different steps. This section will keep participants and observers informed as to the progress.



Participants: Nicjansma, Revanche
20 Jun 2018:
  • Revanche has provided Nicjansma with the latest SUC Kit (v.2018.04c)
  • Nicjansma is coding a bot to compare the coordinates and names on Sarna against those of the SUC Kit and update minor differences in coordinates (less than 1 light-year)
13 July 2018:
  • First run of the bot has returned initial results; Corrective Services team is discussing interpretation of the results and task assignments. Much weeping.
19 September 2018:
  • Final audit conducted; only one article was corrected, indicating all system articles are now in-synch with and recognizable by the scripting bots.

Corrective Services[edit]


Participants: Volt Ampere, Revanche, Gruese, Project: Planet team members
Directive: Resolve problems of naming and location coordinates identified within Audit, within the relevant system articles and the SUC Kit
20 June 2018: awaiting results of Audit
16 August 2018: all coordinates (ALL COORDINATES) for every system have now been updated to most accurate available...a process that took Nic 34 minutes
19 September 2018: all system articles have been identified, created, and/or corrected, and are in-synch with scripting.

Article Mapping[edit]


Participants: Gruese, Nicjansma
  • Develop updated primary article system neighborhood maps and replace current ones
  • Develop Inner Sphere minimap and upload to each article
  • Develop linking system for each target article to the Sarna-themed interactive map
  • Develop era-specific maps of the targeted system neighborhood maps and upload into determined presentation format
August 2021:
  • Map Gallery was added
20 June 2018:
  • initial 3025 images for each of the system neighborhoods (per SUCS) presented to Nicjansma for opening discussions
  • awaiting completion of Corrective Services' directive
  • seeking input from Sarna users as to standardized information for each system map and Inner Sphere mini-map
03 September 2018:
  • Gruese provides several sample images of his progress:

Neighboring Systems Tables[edit]


Participants: Nicjansma, BrokenMnemonic, Revanche
  • Develop rules for tables on system articles, to inform upon neighboring systems to the target system
  • Develop script(s) to create and update said tables
  • Run script(s) initially to test viability
  • Review select articles for accuracy of tables
  • Re-run script(s) to make corrective edits
January 2020: Nearby Systems tables updated
31 August 2018: Sarna discussion was held to determine the type of tables desired for system articles; details passed to Nicjansma and the Operation Doneve team
19 September 2018: Development of the tables on hold for a few weeks

Interactive Map[edit]

Participants: Gruese, Nicjansma
  • Develop version of the Inner Sphere 3025 site presenting different information dependent upon user-selected year, initiating from user's origin Sarna system article, allowing complete exploration of known BattleTech systems by user, and linking to appropriate system article targeted by the user
20 June 2018:
  • initial discussion held regarding operation, presentation, and hosting
  • awaiting completion of Corrective Services' directive


Please limit discussions of the above goals, directives and their statuses to the appropriate section on the Mapping project talk page.



Source code for support tools for this project can be found at:

Tracking categories[edit]

The {{InfoBoxSystem}} infobox gives the page it's on a hidden category to track missing system information.