BattleTechWiki:Project Planets/Planet Overhaul/Mockups


The intent of the Mockup mission is to develop both a suitable template for the new system articles, as well as a phase plan for an organized, methodical overhaul of the current planet articles. The mission will focus on developing three current planet articles into working examples from which follow-on missions can base their work. It is assumed that a large amount of the discussion that will influence the overall overhaul effort will take place because of the efforts of this early mission, which is why the discussion/talk page for this project page is redirected to that of the primary talk page for the Overhaul project.

Mission Launch Date: 23Aug2011

Team Members[edit]


Three planets have been selected for the Mockup mission: Sarna, Rollis and Grossbach. The intention is to build example articles from (at least) three possibilities for which other team missions will be working: a well-known planet, a lesser-known planet but for which there is an abundance of resource material and an 'unknown'.

The full procedures are yet to be determined, as the mission is to develop said procedures for the other missions. However, the first step shall begin with the Grossback article, by importing the template currently in a static form (on the talk page of the Planet Article Overhaul essay) into the planetary article. Relevant material from the existing article will be retained on the new template, while incorrect or outmoded information will be deleted. All relevant notes regarding decisions made and issues encountered will be made on the primary talk page, with the intention of determing how best to break up 'main' missions into phases for methodical and organized team efforts. Work will then progress on to the Rollis and Sarna articles, respectively.

While additional editors are invited to join the two indicated team members (above) and modify any of the three articles under the Mockup mission's purview, the discussion of the mockup progress is heartily requested by any one, editors, writers, readers...any one with an interest in influencing the progress of the procedural development. If you do modify any of those three articles, you're involvement in the discussion is expected.