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Phase 0 is a critical component of the Planet Overhaul, as it allows us to track the progress of each and every system article, no matter the region mission(s) that article might fall under. The team members of this mission (all one of them) will prep the planet articles for their system overhaul by placing the PlanetOverhaul phase tag on top of every article currently existing. And as the complete Overhaul effort is expected to take an extended amount of time, it is up to the mission team to ensure every new planet/system article created during the Overhaul effort also gets tagged (as Phase 0).

Mission Launch Date: 20th August, 2011

Mission Finish Date: 3rd September, 2011

Team Members[edit]


  1. Using whatever organizational method is deemed most appropriate, open each article and drop the {{PlanetOverhaul|phase=0}} tag above all other banners present.
  2. When saving, ensure the Overhaul's start point for that article is denoted with the edit summary of "PROJECT PLANET OVERHAUL: PHASE 0" (all caps).
  3. Upon completion of the primary thrust of the mission (tagging all currently existing articles), inform the Overhaul lead (Revanche) of same, on the Overhaul's main talk page.


  • PlanetOverhaul phase tag
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