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Welcome to BattleTechWiki:Project Sememtic.

BattleTechWiki has now been expanded to use the SemanticWiki software extension. First proposed by editor Seth in late December 2011, this software works to establish databases that can be quickly created by pulling data from other articles. This is simply done by having that data encapsulated by specific tags on the parent article and then using table code on the target article to auto-generate the table's data.

The simple explanation: you don't have to recreate information for the table; the SemanticWiki code looks for it throughout the site and displays it automatically on your article. A rough analogy would be citations, where writers/editors add the citation code after the cited material (ex: <ref>''Field Manual: Lyran Alliance'', p. 84, "36th Lyran Guards RCT: Air Surfers"</ref>), but only have to place the references code (<references />) at the bottom to get their citation to show. SemanticWiki works along a similar principle, except it pulls that data from anywhere else on the site where the data is tagged as ...semantic.

As editors become more proficient with the SemanticWiki extension, this page will become a source of guidance for others to use it, as well. But for now, the following links are provided to help the vanguard editors start using the software (and hopefully teach the rest of us how):

Pages using Semantic Mediawiki Results[edit]


Featured Content[edit]


This project's goals is a WIP.


  • Modification of all current existing infobox templates to allow their fields to be taken in by the Wiki as sememtic data.
  • With direction and assistance from Sarna Senior Editors and Admins, a clean up and if needed a change to any infobox templates that are needed.
  • Creation and use of Page Forms to make creating any new pages with those infoboxes a lot easier.


This project will be using the following Mediawiki extensions:

Editing advice[edit]

  • Properties have to exist before they can be used
  • The best way to create infobox templates that will use semantic information in it's fields is by using Page Forms.
  • Page Forms allows for the creation of forms to add and edit wiki pages, using the fields within the page's MediaWiki template calls as the fields of the form. All semantic data is meant to be held within templates, and not directly within wiki pages. Templates assign a semantic property to some or (preferably) all of their fields; the type of each semantic property helps determine what sort of input will show up for that field in the form. Data autocompletion is also enabled, as are a variety of other features. Forms can additionally be used for querying the wiki's data.

Page Forms special pages[edit]

Open tasks[edit]


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.