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This WikiProject was formed to better manage the BattleTechWiki's myriad templates. This page contains their many useful suggestions, and it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other editors. If you would like to help, please inquire on the project's talk page and see the to-do list.


The main goal of this WikiProject is:

To help manage the template namespace of the BattleTechWiki.


  1. Conducting efforts to better organize, document and display all templates in the template namespace, including: navigation templates, infobox templates, inline templates, image copyright tags and much more.
  2. Solving specific templates issues, such as standardisation of content and categorization.
  3. Improving the general documentation on how to create and use templates, in addition to improving the documentation pages of the individual templates.
  4. Clean-up of the unused, unneeded and/or redundant templates.
  5. Providing help and guidance in creating, updating, correcting and testing templates.
  6. Improving template accessibility

Related WikiProjects[edit]


Child projects[edit]


Please feel free to add yourself here, and to indicate any areas of particular interest.

Open Tasks[edit]

  • Continuation of importing needed Wikipedia templates and Modules
  • Doing once over of Template Documentation subpages
    • Making sure all links that need to be directed to Wikipedia are (using the 'w:' in their links).
    • Improve wording as much as can be done.
    • Modify examples to match our use cases.
    • Remove technical wordage that wouldn't be useful to our users.
  • Filling in the BattleTechWiki:Template index, using the below as a guide
  • Taking a look at what we currently have here: Category:Documentation see also templates
    • Reviewing, modifying and export any list templates in that category
    • Checking if there are any other useful list templates needed by us on on Wikipedia's version of the same
  • Uploading of svg file images for use on templates
    • It has been recommended that we use Material Design Icons
    • Attempt to use the most "like" icon, referencing what Wikipedia is using for it
  • Create real pages of the categories listed here Category:System Related Pages

Featured Content[edit]

Internal-linking templates for the "See also" sections or at the bottom of template documentation[edit]

Most of the example boxes you see here are in Category:Documentation see also templates

Help templates[edit]


[[File: | thumb | upright | right | alt= | caption ]]

Cite web[edit]

<ref>{{cite web

Cite book (short)[edit]

<ref>{{cite book

Cite book (extended)[edit]

<ref>{{cite book
 |last1       = 
 |first1      = 
 |last2       = 
 |first2      = 
 |author-link = 
 |coauthors   = 
 |editor      = 
 |title       = 
 |trans-title = 
 |url         = 
 |access-date = 
 |edition     = 
 |series      = 
 |volume      = 
 |date        = 
 |year        = 
 |publisher   = 
 |location    = 
 |isbn        = 
 |doi         = 
 |page        = 
 |pages       = 
 |chapter     = 

Metric conversions[edit]

Single input:
Range of values:


Code Effect
{{PAGENAME}} Project Templates
{{NAMESPACE}} BattleTechWiki
{{REVISIONID}} 982971
{{localurl:pagename}} /wiki/Pagename
{{localurl:Wikipedia:Sandbox|action=edit}} /wiki/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Sandbox&action=edit
{{ns:index}} e.g. '{{ns:1}}' fullname of namespace e.g 'Talk'
{{SITENAME}} BattleTechWiki

Recalling named reference[edit]

<ref name="NAMEOFREF" />


{{blockquote |text= |sign= }}




(This page is about USE1. For other uses, see About (disambiguation).)
(This page is about USE1. For other uses, see PAGE2.)
(This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE2.)
(This page is about USE1. For USE2, see PAGE2. For USE3, see PAGE3. For USE4, see PAGE4. For USE5, see PAGE5.)

Tables (borderless)[edit]

! scope="col" |COLUMN1
! scope="col" |COLUMN2

Tables (wikitable)[edit]

{| class="wikitable"
! scope="col" |COLUMN1
! scope="col" |COLUMN2

Collapsible tables (Default: collapsed)[edit]

{| class="wikitable mw-collapsible mw-collapsed" style="text-align: left;margin:0px;"
! style="width:20em;" |COLUMN1
! style="width:20em;" |COLUMN2



Interwiki links[edit]

Wiki Shortcut
Wikimedia Commons [[commons:]]
Wikipedia [[w:]]
Wiktionary [[wikt:]]
Wikibooks [[b:]]
Wikisource [[s:]]
Wikispecies [[species:]]
Metawiki [[m:]]
MediaWiki [[mw:]]

Special Pages[edit]


Others to check[edit]


  • Work with the following Mediawiki extensions:
    • Extension:TemplateStyles (an extension that allows to specify that a stylesheet should be loaded from a wiki page, allowing the template to have custom styles without having to modify the site's main CSS file).
    • Extension:TemplateData (an extension that provides the information about templates).
    • Extension:TemplateWizard (an extension that adds a popup dialog box for adding template code to wikitext).
    • Extension:WikiEditor (an extension that provides the editing toolbar).
    • Extension: Page Forms (an extension allows you to have forms for creating and editing pages on your wiki, as well as for querying data, all without any programming).