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The following are previously unanswered questions that were found on the Research Desk however the question was made so long ago that we at are unsure if the author of the question still is looking for an answer. So for the sake of having up-to-date answers be given we are placing them here.

Green Ghosts[edit]

I see there is no article on the "Green Ghosts". I do know there isn't much information on them, and that indeed they are "cannon rumor" I think they call it. Does anybody have enough knowledge on them to prepare an article?

I am doing a game and I need clarification[edit]

1.) They said Ilkhan Showers died in the novels prior to Tukayyid. But just got a copy, thank you, of the DES sourcebook and it sounds like his death was not only after Tukayyid, but just before Smoke Jaguars home world was destroyed. The sourcebook lists he was killed by a damaged aerofighter taking Isorla...

Leo Showers died in 3050 the Battle of Tukayyid was in 3052. Dark Jaguar (talk) 13:24, 13 May 2017 (EDT)
I know, right. Not the only one who double checked that, or the listing where Jaime Wolf committed suicide with a pistol on Pentagon and also died in his bed on Outreach. There was two different dates as well for the WOB invasion on Outreach. I've read Novels where Jaime Wolf lived until Victor stepped foot on Pentagon.

Unit that went from NAIS to Helm just after GDL left[edit]

No one has said anything about the unit that went from NAIS to Helm just after GDL left. I know they were sent, they talked about how NAIS (Which at the time was NASTI-U) How professors in technology got dissertations in Star League tech. Which became a stepping stone for NAIS to be able to offer Powered Armor, even advanced sciences by 3050.

Was I the only one who did that. I know it was talked about in some cons. With 3 different companies owning the francize it is getting hard to keep track of the changes. Weapons changed, modifications changed. Rules changed. LAM couldn't be Endo and XL, now they can. There is two different dates for introduction (Spheroid) for the Light PPPC. Some say 3067... some say 2660...

Which rule book am I supposed to use? I have Maximum Tech (FASA) and the new CBT Techmanual (Catalyst), even a booklet from Whizkids My favorite is when the lords of the Sphere are brought into a planet and mercs from a dozen well known units, all thought deceased informed them the Sphere was to be rebuilt, that the Marik-Steiner-Liao and the Steiner-Davion, and the... read it so long it is falling apart. Had to buy a second 'Price of Glory' as well. Got a 1st Edition and a 3rd. Third's graphics suck. Clearly been copied too many times. call please Dark Jaguar, maybe you can help sort me out. Troubled in Neb. 12:15 CST, 13 May 2017 (A-A)

What percentage of settled planets?[edit]

What percentage of settled planets at the height of the Star League have been depopulated, destroyed, or become unimportant enough to list on current era (Dark Age) maps? 01:36, 19 March 2017 (EDT)

Who are the Free Worlds League based "pressure group" BlakeWatch?[edit]

Is there any information in the published canon about the Free Worlds League based "pressure group" BlakeWatch beyond what's to be found in the paragraph describing them at p. 120 of Handbook: House Marik (FanPro 35019)? I couldn't find any mention of the group or their activities here on the wiki. Christopher1234 (talk) 14:11, 14 August 2016 (PDT)