This page attempts to detail all of the current anti-SPAM measures the BattleTechWiki has in place, their effectiveness, and so on. BTW SPAM has increased over time, and new anti-SPAM techniques are needed periodically to keep SPAM on the wiki under control.

Current Measures[edit]

Measure Status Implemented Configuration Effectiveness Log Notes
$wgEnableSorbs Enabled ~2008 $wgEnableSorbs = true Unknown Unavailable No way to track effectiveness.

Officially deprecated in favor of $wgEnableDnsBlacklist, but we still have enabled

$wgEnableDnsBlacklist Enabled 10/18/2012 $wgEnableDnsBlacklist = true

$wgDnsBlacklistUrls = array(...):

Unknown Unavailable No way to track effectiveness.

Replaces $wgEnableSorbs

Might block legitimate users who use proxies

SimpleAntiSpam Enabled 12/2011 n/a < 1/day Available to Admins
SpamBlacklist Enabled 12/2011 $wgSpamBlacklistFiles = array(...):
  • http ://
  • http ://
~1/day Available to Admins
CommentSpammer Enabled 02/2012 n/a < 1/day Log
ConfirmEdit / AreYouAHumanCaptch Enabled 05/2013 Enabled for edits and new users 10/day Available to Admins
BadBehavior Enabled 10/18/2012 n/a ~2500 actions/day Available to Admins
Block China IP Addresses Enabled 10/22/2012 n/a ~3000 IPs/day Available to Admins

Other Measures[edit]

Other possible options, not currently enabled:


  • User Merge and Delete can be used to clean up (i.e. remove) SPAM accounts. Simply put the SPAM account's name in the Old user field, and leave the New user field blank. The SPAM account will be merged into the Anonymous user, including all of their pages and edits.


  • 2008: $wgEnableSorbs enabled
  • 2008: ConfirmEdit enabled
  • 2009/10/07: ReCaptcha used for ConfirmEdit
  • 2011/12/19: SimpleAntiSpam enabled
  • 2011/12/19: SpamBlacklist enabled
  • 2012/02/11: QuestyCaptcha used for ConfirmEdit
  • 2012/02/11: CommentSpammer enabled
  • 2012/08/10: Additional QuestyCaptcha questions added
  • 2012/10/18: $wgEnableDnsBlacklist enabled
  • 2012/10/18: BadBehavior enabled
  • 2012/10/18: This page created
  • 2012/10/22: Blocked all Chinese IP addresses
  • 2013/05/01: Changed ConfirmEdit from QuestyCaptcha to AreYouAHuman


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