BattleTechWiki:Template index

Template messages are pre-generated messages added to articles and talk pages to quickly make a statement using a (generally) non-changing message. On average, the templates apply to the who page and, in those cases, are added to the top of the page. When a specific template is used to comment on a section of an article, it is generally added in at the top of that section.

User Templates[edit]

User Templates are placed on Users' talk pages. Some are simply administrative (ex:Template:Sign), some are friendly messages (ex:Template:Welcome) and others serve as warnings (ex: Template:NPA-1) for inappropriate behavior.

User Comments[edit]

User Warnings[edit]

  • Vandalism: including standard vandalism, blanking pages and spam edits
  • Personal Attacks: for inappropriate edits about other Editors

User Blocks/Bans[edit]

User Blocks are templates placed by admins (or higher) to inform a registered Editor or IP that access to editing privileges has been removed, either for a set period or indefinitely. The length of time is not necessarily required to be reported.