BattleTechWiki:Template messages

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This position paper contains the advice or opinions of one or more BattleTechWiki Editors regarding interacting on the wiki. Consider these views with discretion and discussing potential changes on the talk page first.

Template messages are pre-generated messages added to articles and talk pages to quickly make a statement using a (generally) non-changing message. On average, the templates apply to the who page and, in those cases, are added to the top of the page. When a specific template is used to comment on a section of an article, it is generally added in at the top of that section.

User Templates[edit]

User Templates are placed on Users' talk pages. Some are simply administrative (ex:Template:Sign), some are friendly messages (ex:Template:Welcome) and others serve as warnings (ex: Template:NPA-1) for inappropriate behavior.

User Comments[edit]

User Warnings[edit]

  • Vandalism: including standard vandalism, blanking pages and spam edits
  • Personal Attacks: for inappropriate edits about other Editors

User Blocks/Bans[edit]

User Blocks are templates placed by admins (or higher) to inform a registered Editor or IP that access to editing privileges has been removed, either for a set period or indefinitely. The length of time is not necessarily required to be reported.