BattleTechWiki:Who are BattleTechWiki's Editors?

Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: Editors & Admins are nearly identical; good Editors are the engine for Sarna's progress.

Who are BattleTechWiki's Editors?[edit]

  • BattleTechWiki Editors are interested in creating, writing, modifying and improving articles that interest them.
  • They enjoy locating new tidbits of information that may not yet exist on BTW and then inserting them in the appropriate places.
  • They are interested in seeing the total amount of knowledge on BTW increased constantly, with the goal of encompassing everything BattleTech.
  • They are involved in the writing and discussion of the policies, essays, and procedures that help shape the site.
  • They seek out and aid in projects that help categorize the wide variety of information currently available.
  • They advertise the site's existence when and where ever possible, to both highlight the resource we have all built and to bring in new Readers and Editors to the fold.
  • They propose, craft, and import new products and features that will enhance a first-time Reader's visit and help 'sell' the value of the site.
  • They guide and assist Readers and other Editors in resolving their problems with information (or direction to policies, essays, or procedures) or in answering their questions.

Who are BattleTechWiki's Admins?[edit]

  • They have all of the above qualities, plus these additional authorities:
    • They have the ability to access pages (such as the Main Page) that are protected from vandalism, and
    • They deal with vandals that seek to harm the site.