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CBT Forums?[edit]

I appreciate the effort to get this going on, but in all honesty, whenever I have a question regarding the BT universe, I post it over at where a thriving community of experts on the matter will produce good answers to almost any question within a few hours. And I would suggest this approach to everybody else as well, especially because of the large number of people frequenting the forum. Frabby 07:57, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

Frabby, when I posted this on the admins' board six days ago, I was opening (albeit not directly) this up for discussion. Since it was not addressed, I interpreted that as no dispute. A presumption, I admit.
Like you, I tend to turn to the CBT board whenever I do have a question (though I have started to look here, following a search thru my own library, first), as they can answer the question quickly and generally correctly. However, what really drives almost every thing I do here (other than actual article editing & creation) is to bring new people in, including/especially those same 'experts' over on the CBT forums. They have a lot of knowledge in their 10 pound brains that would be better accumulated here, rather than on the various incarnations of those boards (which have been reset 3 times in my memory, with the older archives lost). As not even a majority of the cross-franchise BT fans (another presumption of mine, but one Randall Bills seems to hold as well) are aware of the forums, I'm hoping that any who wander in here may stick around. If someone posts a question in the Research desk that I, personally, cannot answer with a link to a relevant article, it has been my intention of asking those same experts on CBT forum to answer the question here, in my attempt to be a cross-pollinating BT-bee. Does that adequately address your concern?--Revanche (talk|contribs) 11:46, 20 July 2009 (UTC)