MechWarrior 3050

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MechWarrior 3050
Product information
Type Computer game
Development Tiburon Entertainment
Publication information
Publisher Activision
First published 1995
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 3050
Series MechWarrior computer games
Preceded by MechWarrior (SNES)

MechWarrior 3050 is the second BattleTech based game from Activision for Super NES.

This video game is viewed in an isometric view as opposed to the first person view of the previous game. The game also features a unique two-player mode where one player controls the bottom half of the 'Mech to navigate it around the map while the second player controls the upper torso which moves independently.


The game is set during the Clan Invasion, and casts the character as a Clan Wolf MechWarrior receiving mission assignments from Galaxy Commander Conal Ward (spelled "Colonel Ward" in the game). At the end of each mission, Ward promotes the warrior, ultimately bestowing a Bloodname and making this warrior the new Khan of Clan Wolf. Though drawing on canon information presented in the Clan Wolf, Clan Jade Falcon, Objective Raids, and Invading Clans sourcebooks, the supposed Clan Wolf missions take place across all four invasion corridors, and take place chronologically out of order (for example, the December 3051 assault on Alshain comes before the November 3051 assault on Satalice and the July 3050 assault on Ridderkerk). Canonicity issues are noted in the mission descriptions.


Mission: Conal Ward assigns the player to assault a DCMS base defended by the Fourteenth Legion of Vega. Afterwards, Ward promotes the player to Star Captain. (Transcript)

Canonicity Issues:

  • Alshain was in the Ghost Bear invasion corridor, rather than the Wolf corridor.
  • The planetary garrison was the Second Sword of Light when the Ghost Bears attacked in December 3051, rather than the Legion of Vega.


Mission: Conal Ward assigns the player to assault the Gorton, Kingsley, and Thorpe Enterprises fusion engine assembly plant, which is guarded by the Fourth Kavalleri. After the battle, Conal Ward promotes the player to Star Colonel. (Transcript)

Canonicity Issues:

  • Satalice was defended by the Third Drakøns when Clan Wolf attacked in November 3051, rather than the Kavalleri.


Mission: Conal Ward assigns the player to knock out a New Avalon Institute of Science (NAIS) facility where FedCom scientists are studying captured Clan technology under the protection of the First Lyran Regulars. After the battle, Conal Ward grants the player a Bloodname. (Transcript)

Canonicity Issues:

  • Ridderkerk was in the Jade Falcon invasion corridor, not the Wolf, when it was attacked in July 3050.


Mission: Conal Ward assigns the player to breach the defenses at a DropShip manufacturing plant, and destroy the defending Fifth Ghost Regiment. After the battle, Ward promotes the player to "Star Commander with Bloodname." (Transcript)

Canonicity Issues:


Mission: (Though not named as such, the final mission appears to take place on Tukayyid, since it uses the 394th Division of the Com Guards as the OpFor, and that unit did not encounter the Clans until Tukayyid.) Conal Ward assigns the player to recover DNA canisters containing the giftake of a warrior who died with great glory in combat. The canisters were stolen by the 394th Division and hidden in the ComStar garrison's gene storage centers. After the battle, Ward informs the player that the recovered giftake will be used to produce the greatest warriors in the Inner Sphere, and that the Trueborn of Clan Wolf have elevated the player to the rank of Khan. (Transcript)

Canonicity Issues:

  • The only Clan forces ever fought by the 394th were those of Clan Jade Falcon, not Clan Wolf.
  • The need for a postmortem giftake sample to be shipped to birthing centers is contradicted by the canon practice of taking giftake samples from all warriors early in their careers and storing them safely at gene chapels in multiple locations.
  • No canon account records ComStar garrisons being equipped with gene storage centers.

Sega Genesis version[edit]

The Sega Genesis version of MechWarrior 3050 is nearly identical to the Super NES version, except that it is simply titled BattleTech. It was developed by Malibu Interactive.

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