BattleTech (Video Game)/Flashpoints


Introduced with the "BattleTech: Flashpoint Expansion Pack" DLC, Flashpoints are a series of stand-alone mini-campaigns for Harebrained Schemes's BattleTech video game. In comparison to the procedurally generated stand-alone missions, Flashpoints are scripted narrative missions that are linked, often forcing consecutive deployments. Each successive DLC pack added additional Flashpoints, with those of "Heavy Metal" being closest to a single integrated story.

Flashpoints were the primary means to provide the famous in-universe character cameos that were achieved stretch goals in the the game's crowdfunding campaign.

Flashpoints are available in both the game's Campaign and Career modes. In the game's story-based Campaign Mode, the Flashpoints appear after the final Campaign mission SHOWDOWN has been completed, but in the story-less Career mode Flashpoints appear immediately on the star map after the players completes their first few contracts.

BattleTech: Flashpoint[edit]

  • "Bourbon & BattleMechs"
  • "Criminal Minds"
  • "Extracurricular Activities"
  • "Headhunting"
  • "Joint Venture"
  • "Operation: Flattened Earth"
  • "The Baying of Hounds"
  • "The Defector"
  • "The Long Hunt"
  • "The Opportunist"
  • "The Steel Beast"
  • "Unwelcome Guests"
  • "White Lies"
  • "Davion Alliance"
  • "Kurita Alliance"
  • "Liao Alliance"
  • "Marik Alliance"
  • "Steiner Alliance"

BattleTech: Urban Warfare[edit]

  • "A House Divided"
  • "Double Agent"
  • "Hearts and Minds"
  • "One Man's Trash"
  • "Prototype"
  • "Red Hunt"
  • "Siegebreaker"
  • "Succession"
  • "Tournament of Champions"
  • "Yang Virtanen's Big Score"

BattleTech: Heavy Metal[edit]

  • "Of Unknown Origin"
  • "Supply & Demand"
  • "Hunting Season"
  • "Hourglass"
  • "Standoff"