BattleTech 35th Anniversary T-Shirt / Hoodie

Battletech 35th Anniversary t-shirt.jpeg
Battletech 35th Anniversary T-Shirt / Hoodie
Product information
Type Clothing
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code Battletech 35th Anniversary T-Shirt / Hoodie
First published
MSRP T-Shirt $25.00
Hoodie $40.00
Series 35th Anniversary Products

Product Description[edit]

It started in 1984, and thirty-five years later we are still kicking it Mecha-style. To celebrate, we designed a 35th Anniversary logo that will appear on special product being released throughout the year, and is available here on either a fashion-fit T or a warm, athletic hoodie!

Our first print run is limited to 200 shirts, so order now if you want to show the colors all year long. Make certain you specify T-Shirt or Hoodie, and select the correct size, before completing your order!