BattleTech Activity Book

BattleTech Activity Book (Cover).png
BattleTech Activity Book
Product information
Type Activity Book (PDF)
Primary writing David "Dak" Kerber
Pages 56
Cover Artwork Matt Plog
Interior Artwork David Kerber
Illustrations Ray Arrastia
David R. Deitrick
Brent Evans
Scott James
Chris Lewis
Matthew Plog
Anthony Scroggins
Steve Venters
Stanley Von Medvey
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
Product code E-CATCB3501
First published March 25th, 2020
MSRP Free/Pay What You Want
Content Coloring Book, Puzzles
Era Clan Invasion Era
Followed by BattleTech Activity Book Volume 2

BattleTech Activity Book is an activity book which can be downloaded for free. It was intended to help players & fans cope during the COVID19 Pandemic of 2020 which caused many to be confined to their homes.

Featured in the book are newly created images of Clan Invasion era and Succession Wars era BattleMechs which had not been included in previous releases of CGL products.

Official Product Description[edit]


Join the Clans and all their friends on their fun-filled adventures against the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere! MechWarriors of all ages can take command—each page features ‘Mechs to color, puzzles, mazes, games, cutting activities and things to make and do. Your favorite 'Mechs and characters are featured in other great BattleTech products.


  • Art Work
  • Coloring Pages
  • Word Puzzles
  • Activity Games
  • Credits


This was released by Catalyst Game Labs, which would normally make it a Canonical product. However, it is unclear to what extent it is intended to be Canon, given the unique tone and presentation of the book. One section invites the reader to assemble an "OmniMech" by cutting out pictures of parts taken from a variety of other OmniMechs, and offers as an example the "Starhawk", which is not referenced in any other publication to date. While not explicitly "noncanon" or "apocryphal", this book should not be relied on as a source.


  • Images appearing in the book are all-new images of Clan OmniMechs and BattleMechs including an alternate rendition of the Phoenix Hawk which did not appear in any product prior to this book.
  • The file can be accessed at CGL's page for the title.