BattleTech Reinforcements

BattleTech Reinforcements
Product information
Type Boxed set
Cover artwork Steve Venters
Illustrations  ?
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1625
First published 1987
MSRP $15.00 US
Content (see text)
Era Succession Wars
Timeline 3025
Followed by BattleTech Reinforcements 2


The BattleTech Reinforcements boxed set was a game supplemental for the BattleTech board game boxed set, providing a Record Sheets booklet for the BattleMechs from the original Technical Readout: 3025 and two sets of cardboard playing pieces in the fashion of those in the original Battledroids and BattleTech, 2nd Edition boxed sets, with card-stands. The playing pieces' art and coloring is different from the playing pieces in the game's boxed sets even where it is depicting the same 'Mech.

The record sheets book would later be sold as an individual item in 1991 as BattleMech Record Sheets 3025, under the article number 1625A.

From the back cover[edit]

And 110 'Mechs make one Helluva Cavalry.

All 55 'Mechs described in the Technical Readout are now available as BattleTech playing pieces. Each 'Mech is shown in full front and back view, printed in full color on heavy cardstock. You get two of each 'Mech, for a total of 110 pieces.
Also included are 24 card-stands and a book of 55 filled-out record sheets, one for each 'Mech.

Playing Pieces[edit]

Light 'Mechs[edit]

Medium 'Mechs[edit]

Heavy 'Mechs[edit]

Assault 'Mechs[edit]

Faction Tokens[edit]

Great Houses[edit]

Mercenaries and Minor Powers[edit]