BattleTech Technical Blueprints

BattleTech Technical Blueprints
Product information
Type Poster set
Illustrations Steve Venters
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1615
First published 1986 (rolled)
1991 (folded)
ISBN-10 1555600158
ISBN-13 978-1555600150
MSRP 10.00 US $
Content 5 posters

The BattleTech Technical Blueprints are a series of five cutaway blueprint-style BattleMech poster images, first published in 1986 (rolled, distributed in a long box) and again in 1991 (folded), both under the product number 1615. The poster size is 22" x 34" (60cm x 91cm).

The 'Mechs depicted are LCT-2C Locust, WSP-1 Wasp, WHM-MK Warhammer, MAD-3A Marauder and BLR-1A BattleMaster. All of them became unseen, although all are now "re-seen".

From the back cover (folded version box)[edit]

Massive firepower combined with unparalleled levels of armor protection make the BattleMech the ultimate war machine of the 31st century. ComStar's ROM technical division has compiled technical blueprints for five of these dreaded juggernauts: Locust, Wasp, Warhammer, Marauder, and BattleMaster.

The BattleTech Blueprints contain five 22" x 34" BattleMech blueprints printed on heavy poster stock. Each detailed drawing shows both the external armor and internal skeleton of the 'Mech, identifying everything from the reactor core to the master fire/overheat warning light.