Robinson Battle Academy

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Robinson Battle Academy

Academy Information
Location Robinson
Founding Year Succession War era
Course Information

The Robinson Battle Academy is a Federated Suns military academy located on world of Robinson. It was initially called the Battle Academy of Robinson.


Several times destroyed and rebuilt during the Succession Wars, the Robinson Battle Academy is located on the planet Robinson in the Draconis March region of the Federated Suns. The ruling Sandoval family has directly supported the academy, investing huge sums of capital in an attempt to bring it up to the standards of more celebrated institutions such as the New Avalon Institute of Science. The academy provides the Sandovals with loyal troops having a deep seated hatred for the Draconis Combine as a whole and the Kurita ruling family in particular.


The academy demands much from its students. The training focus of the curriculum lies mainly on the practical applications of gained knowledge, with help for any struggling students provided by the academy staff. This aspect of the academy gives the graduates an advantage over the cadets from other institutions who pass their final exam.

The indoctrination of students with the local political orientation and deep seated hatred for the Draconis Combine lives on through the academy changes in recent times and is a major influence on students that successfully pass through its doors.


Succession Wars[edit]

Built at the beginning of the First Succession War, it had graduated its first class of officers when Kurita forces invaded the planet. During their occupation, they forced the surviving graduates of the faculty to take the school buildings apart brick by brick, in effort to demoralize the population.[1] The school remained unused for many years until efforts were made to restore the school. In 3020, the planet's economy had gone into up swing, the Sandoval family funded the rebuilding of the school. The aim was to make the school equal to the best academies of that time period.

3062 Raid of Robinson[edit]

Forces believed to be elements of the Draconis Combine raided Robinson. Some of these forces hit the Battle Academy, however, cadets and teachers of the school took up arms and repulsed the invaders. Among them were Baron Tancred Aaron Sandoval and newly-graduated cadet Arthur Steiner-Davion.

Post-Jihad Era[edit]

In the wake of the Jihad the Robinson Battle Academy was forced to rebuild for the fourth time in its history. While ostensibly offering programs on a range of subjects including BattleMechs, Infantry, Battle Armor, Conventional Armor and Aerospace as well as technical and engineering tracks the Academy was still being rebuilt in 3079, with the new facilities being constructed in fortified underground bunkers on the northern outskirts of the city of Tiberias on the Canaan continent.[2] Despite the rebuilding efforts the Academy hadn't fielded a replacement training battalion.[3]

Dark Age[edit]

This battle-scarred institution is known for its undying loyalty to the Sandoval family, so Robinson regularly exports troops of all kinds to areas of the Republic of the Sphere where Duke Aaron Sandoval has significant holdings.[4]

Recently Duke Aaron Sandoval has made additional requests for troops, though no one is quite sure just what the duke plans to do with them.[5]

Training Battalion[edit]

The school maintains a battalion of BattleMechs known as the Robinson Battle Academy Training Battalion. The unit's colors were blue and black.


Some students attain their billet with the patronage of the Duke. This is because the student has shown outstanding loyalty to the Sandoval family. These students enter AFFC service most commonly with the Robinson Rangers. The students political orientation (pro-Sandoval/anti-Kuritan) is a major factor in decisions by the Sandovals to extend this patronage.

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